Mega Line Power Slots from Aristocrat

Instead of an individual game, Mega Line Power is a new playing format which I am sure will eventually be used a lot of different live casino slots. This innovation comes from the big Australian slot maker Aristocrat. It involves one main set of reels, and then 4 smaller sets (which are located above the main one). The innovation comes in the way that wilds are handled between the different sets of reels.

At the moment there are two games using the Mega Line Power setup available to play, though by the time you read this there may be several more. These are Silver Wolf and Downtown Diamonds. Below you will find an explanation of how the system works, and then information on the specifics of these two slots after that.

Overview of the Mega Line Power System

Unusually, you will play 120 win-lines each time you spin with this system. This is divided between the main set of reels (on the lower screen of the cabinet), which has 40 win-lines, and the 4 small upper sets which have 20 win-lines each. You will collect wins on any of these sets of reels independently as you play.

The real innovation comes in the way that wilds work. These symbols will vary depending on the game, though the shift from the small reels to the big one is common to all the titles. Using the Downtown Diamonds example, the wilds here are diamonds with a green background. When any of these appear on the upper (small) sets of reels, they will transfer to the main set of reels. This means that wilds on 4 different small reels are collected together in one place – giving you the chance of good wilds coverage and plenty of wins. As you will see from the Silver Wolf example, things can get even better during the free spins bonus game.

Mega Line Power Games – Downtown Diamonds

A rich lady with a fondness for gifts, cocktails and diamonds has been done many times before as the theme of slot games – though the Mega Lines Power adds a fresh angle to it. Symbols are stacked on the reels, which makes for multiple wins at once. The bigger wins come from hitting the stacked wilds on several reels, alongside the lady herself or jewelry.

The color scheme is a lavish blue with pinks, and the city scape which makes up the scattered bonus symbol is very nicely produced. If you hit 3 scatters you will get a bonus feature of 10 free spins, covering all 5 sets of reels. This can be retriggered too.

Mega Line Power Games – Silver Wolf

Aristocrat is well known for their impressive range of wildlife based slots. The best known of all being the Buffalo range. Everything about this slot is solid, building on those years of experience with producing titles with engaging game-play and attractive graphics. In this game the silhouette of the wolf against the moon is a wild symbol. This comes stacked on the reels (as do some of the regular symbols).

There is a different twist on the Mega Line Power idea when you trigger the free spins game. Like Downtown Diamonds you get 10 free spins (which can be retriggered). What you also get is nudging wilds. Each time you hit a wild on the main screen, this will nudge up or down to fill up an entire reel of 4 symbols. The big benefit of this comes when you combine this with the moving of wilds from the top screens to the main one. If you get wilds on all 5 reels in any of the 5 sets, then they will combine to make the entire set of reels into one big 5×4 set of wilds on the main reels.

Overall Experience

It took me a little while to ‘tune in’ to the interaction between the different sets of reels (and initially to work out where 120 credits were going). Once you do settle into this new system, I’m sure you are going to agree that it is a positive innovation. Many slots have second screen bonus games and fancy bonus rounds. What Aristocrat has come up with here is a way to add an element of interest / excitement without spoiling the trademark solid game-play which attracts people to their games in the first place.

I recommend you check out Silver Wolf or Downtown Diamonds next time you visit your local casino – and also look forward to seeing new titles with the Mega Line Power format in the near future.

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