Any set of slot machine questions is going to tackle the subject of “beating the slots.” The faster a player learns that beating the slots is unlikely to happen, the better off they’ll be. While strategies exist in blackjack and video poker which should be studied and analyzed, no such tips exist for slot machine gaming.

Slot machine questions range over land-based and online gambling, so the subject matter is always new and interesting. In the selection of slot machine questions this time around, we’re asked whether we happen to be a slot machine cheat (no) and have any tips to pass on (definitely not). Otherwise, this selection of questions is about the many myths around slots design. This includes the idea of casinos changing the odds if they don’t like how you’re behaving, or when a machine has to build up profits, so it can afford to be generous later.

Don’t sweat the details with online slots. Non-peak hours are nothing to be concerned about, while you don’t have to worry about whether the machine’s jackpot money has built up yet–that’s not how slots work. It’s best not to worry about cheating. Slot machines are meant to be enjoyed, so don’t stress over the strategy options.

Following this, we answer questions regarding slots tips to help maximize the slot clubs. We also go over the sometimes confusing terms like win frequency and payback percentage and a brief mention of the UIGEA.

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