Facebook Slots

It’s hard to keep up with all the new Facebook slots games released, because a handful of the games have attained crossover appeal. I want to highlight some of the best titles among the latest releases, while also comparing Facebook play to gaming on Internet casino sites. It might be the differences in the two forms of casino-style online gaming won’t be so great in the next few years, but that’s still for the future. Unless you’re a UK resident, slots on the social networking giant are played for Facebook credits only.

Most Popular Facebook Slot Games Online

Below is a list of ten or more of the most popular Facebook slot games. In the case of the five most used games on Facebook, I’ve tried to give a detailed breakdown of what you can expect. Slotomania, Slot+, Slot City, Jackpot Slots, and Slots Fever are terrific games with their own strengths. Most of them are free, while the graphics on a couple of the assortment really pop off the screen. Since most offer freeplay versions, try out all of them to see which is your favorite. Keep in mind these aren’t the only options. Double Down Casino was voted the #3 game on Facebook in 2012 and DoubledownCasino offers slots games.

Slotomania – Slotomania was a Top 10 Facebook game app in 2011 and 2012. Slotomania has a large variety of themed slot machines, along with the best casino graphics on Facebook. Slotomania is the #1 slot game on Android and Facebook both, with millions of players worldwide. The list of unique games grows all the time, while special promotions are announced frequently. Promotions include free spins, bonus rounds, mini games, and gifts. To learn more, read about the game from its developer, Playtika.

Slot Machine + – Slot Machine + from Apostek Software offers a free game with multiple pay lines, mini games, and big jackpot. The Slot+ game has no ads and a $25,000 bonus every week, though free play players only get $10,000 per week. Slot Machine+ has over 10 million players. It costs $0.99 from the Apostek Software company.

Slot City by Dragonplay – Slot City is a free Vegas style slots app which is on the 1.25 version at present. This game has over 5,000,000 installs. Features include expanding wilds, bonus coins, and daily spins. Examples of games to play include Temples of Wonder and Mermaid Treasure.

Jackpot Slots – Jackpot Slots is a free game from Gree, Inc. Jackpot Slots has top quality artwork and countless themes. The leader boards display for hourly, daily, and weekly leaders. Gree Inc claims they offer more coins than any other slot game on Facebook. Over a million installs by Android users have been recorded. Gree suggests they have “tons of slot machines”, so take you tell me how many slot games is in a ton.

Slots Fever from Kakapo – Slots Fever is another free Vegas-style game for Android users. Players get 200 free coins ever two hours, with the ability to spin up to 40 paylines at a time. Purchases can be made in-app on more than 10 themed slot machines. Free spins and daily tournaments are features to keep in mind.

Free Facebook Slots

These aren’t the only free Vegas-style games on Facebook. Kakapo also offers Slots Farm and Australian Slots Fever. Mywavia Studios offers Slots Royale, while Zentertain Ltd offers Slots Saga. Funattica has Slots Fun, while Mobile Cards & Casino Llc offers Slots Mania (not to be confused with Slotomania).

What Facebook Credits Really Do

Facebook credits are just fine for purchasing stuff on Facebook itself. You can use them to play other Facebook games, purchase virtual items on games, buy e-greeting cards, get a virtual pet, buy virtual homes on Facebook, or feed your avatars food. If you’re playing many of the online games instead of traditional casino games on Facebook, credits let you get further into games faster or make the games more interesting.

Advantages to Playing at an Online Casino Over Facebook

Facebook credits are great for purchases on the famous social networking site, the credit are never going to be as useful as real money. When you use the new virtual economy on Facebook, you’ll never get paid real money on a win. Online casinos do pay real money, which is why so many gamblers prefer to play at online casinos, instead of Facebook. Since social networking friends and contacts can meet just as easily at a casino site, many choose to join private games with friends and friendly competitors on their favorite casino websites. Since many people used to gaming on Facebook would rather stay on that site, it’s natural to wonder if Facebook will ever offer real money gambling. That answer to that question is now “yes”–in a limited fashion.

Can You Play Facebook Games for Real Money?

If you are 18 years or older and you live in the United Kingdom, you now can gamble on Facebook for real money. As of August 2012, the game “Bingo & Slotz Friendzy” now allows players to compete for real money on 90-ball bingo. A Community Progressive Jackpot game is another option. Players who want to play Bingo & Slots Friendzy need to sign up through the Gamesys site, which is the parent company of the game. Of course, you’ll need to provide a valid UK address to sign up.

While this doesn’t help people living in Europe, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, or the United States, it’s a sign that real money Facebook gambling could be coming to any of those regions. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I lived in the USA, Germany, or France, but I could see limited gambling on Facebook for other nations on the list. In many press releases for the Bingo Friendzy App, the CEO of Zynga, Mark Pincus, said he was hoping to see Zynga offer limited real money casino games in the near future.