Promotional ads from affiliates and misinformation from the clueless, it’s hard to know if the statistics you read are correct. When searching for the easy to win at slots, it’s better to search for the types of games which offer the best odds. When you learn how to spot these game elements, you’ll be able to find the best slots on any casino website online.

Below we’ve provided a list of casinos with online slot games that we found easy to beat. You will also find our tips that should help you to find the easier to beat slot games. This includes things like playing with free money, finding casinos with low bonus requirements, etc.

Easiest Slot Casinos

Ranking Casino Name Bonus Amount Review Payment Options Minimum Deposit Actions
4 Café Casino USD $1500 Bonus
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$20 Min Deposit PLAY NOW
5 USD $5000 Bonus
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$10 Min Deposit PLAY NOW

7 Tips to Find the Easiest To Beat Slot Casinos

#1 – Look for Payback Percentages – Search for slot machines which post their payback percentage. The higher the percentage offered, the better for you. If you’re playing in a land-based casino in a regulated area like Nevada, you can trust these are the correct percentages. If you find posted payback percentages at an online casino, be a little bit more leery. In many cases, the site wouldn’t be legally obligated to post the correct stats. Better put, you’d have no legal recourse if you found out they were advertising falsely, though the bad reputation if the truth came out keeps the larger, more established, and better regulated sites from posting false information.

#2 Play with House Money – One of the gaming trends in the last few years has been “no deposit bonuses”. This is freeplay money offered to people who register an account. To get your no-deposit bonus, you don’t have to deposit any money yourself. Because the casinos have wagering requirements so players don’t immediately cash out the bonus, the house edge is going to take most of that money back from players. That is, most or all of the bonus is likely to be gone by the time you meet the playthrough requirement. Some people get lucky, so you should always play with the free money first. In casino gambling, never turn down free stuff.

Many of the no deposit bonuses are tiny, between $5 and $10. Some are a little more substantial, between $30 and $50. These offers are a good way to sample online casinos to see if you like them. Look at the freeplay bonus like getting an entry into a freeroll, which lets you check out a casino’s slot game software, gameplay, and player community under real money circumstances. Many of the wager requirements stipulate you have to play slots instead of video poker or blackjack, but that’s no problem for slot machine gamblers like yourself.

#3 Casinos with Low Playthrough Requirements – The same concept applies when choosing casinos according to their welcome bonus. These are the more traditional types of bonus offers, given when players make their first deposit. The less exacting the wagering requirement or “playthrough” is, the quicker you get to cash out your bonus and the more likely you’ll walk away with some money. The easiest way to be a winner and not a loser at slots is to have people hand you money. The VIP rewards and welcome bonus are the online equivalent of the slots club. Look for terms like “welcome bonus”, “match bonus”, or “initial deposit” when searching for these offers. Most slots casinos have them posted in can’t miss fashion on their homepage.

#4 Join a Slots Casino – Slots casinos are sites made only for slots players. These are rare in an age where operators want to offer as many games as possible to appeal to the widest possible customer base, but the slots-only casino has to compete by offering either better graphics, bigger jackpots, or a higher payback percentage. You can find some good deals at the online slots palaces.

#5 One Payline Slots – Slot machines with one payline often have a better payback percentage than the multiple paylines with 9 lines, 25 lines, or 50 lines. Those games require you to pay a whole bunch of coins to activate lines, which swells the amount you have to pay to play. Much of the time, you’ll be paid back with unsatisfying single line “wins” which don’t even cover the cost of the spin. This gives the sense of winning, without really doing it. Single payline machines are also less confusing–winning on a single payline means you know exactly what the score is.

#6 Avoid Progressive Jackpots – Along the same lines, if you want a machine which is easier to beat, play the flat-top slot machines instead of the progressives. Progressive have to collect a lot of money before they pay out those huge jackpots, so the game designers have to set the probabilities of winning other jackpots and prizes real low. If you play on a non-progressive jackpot where the biggest prize is a few thousand coins, the chances of hitting the jackpot is much greater.

#7 Play Higher Coin Denominations – If you can afford to play at the next higher coin denomination, do it. The bigger the coin is you use, the lower the house edge. Casinos welcome high rollers, because they stand to win more money from the high dollar games. To draw in premium players and sharks, all casinos offer better odds to the people who bet the most. Only play higher denomination coins if you really can afford to lose the money you might lose. Remember, no matter how low the house edge, the casino has an advantage. In the long run, you’ll lose your money. The house edge just determines the speed with which you lose.