Mac Compatible Slots

Mac slots gamblers have a lot more options than they had 5 or 10 years ago. It used to be that casino operators catered to Microsoft computer gamers and no one else. That made a lot of sense for the casino site owners and the casino gaming software developers, because about 90% of the gambling public used computers with Microsoft Windows software. Times were good and players flowed into the virtual casinos.

In 2012 and beyond, more websites have joined the game, the USA has made gambling much harder for its citizens, and it’s harder to draw in customers than ever before. Those casinos which don’t make it easy for users of Mac operating systems (or, to a lesser degree, Linux computers) are cutting themselves off from a significant demographic. In my hometown, a gym went out of business and was replaced by another gym in the same place–except it only accepts “ladies”.

When I first saw this new business, my first thought was, “They just cut their clientele in half from the previous business, which itself couldn’t draw in enough customers.” Slots websites which don’t take Mac users might not be turning away as large a section of customers, but they’re turning away otherwise enthusiastic players, all the same. In an age where the Apple Corporation has scored big hits with their iPad, iPhone, and iMac computers and wifi devices, more consumers know how good Mac computers are than they did a decade ago. With more Mac computer owners, it makes sense for operators to provide some way for MacIntosh to interface with their online slot games.

Playing Slots with Mac Computers

Don’t get me wrong; most game developers still don’t design their games for Apple devices. You probably won’t be able to download the casino software with your Mac OS, but new tools exist to help you play your favorite slot games. At most of these sites, Mac computer users should be able to play using the no-download option. You’ll need to search for specific watchwords when it’s time to find the gaming platform that helps you do this. Any of the watchwords below should signal to you that you can play using Mac computers on a website.

When you see these words used for a link, click on the link and you should be able to play using a Mac without downloading the software onto your computer. All of these phrases describe either a Macromedia flash game or a Java applet which opens the games in your browser.

  • Flash Games
  • Java Games
  • No-Download Slots
  • Instant Play
  • Browser-Based
  • Web-Based
  • Flash Casino

Slot Machines and Mac Computers

Most of the Realtime Gaming casinos should be compatible with the MacIntosh devices. Just as it’s been for years now, your best option is almost always going to be using the Java or Flash games when playing the slots. You might try the Windows emulation software, but this seems like a give-up that you would turn your device into a virtual Microsoft product. If you’re anything like my brother (a Mac fanatic), Bill Gates’ company is the bane of modern computing and you wouldn’t be caught dead using anything like a Microsoft computer.

Either way, Apple MacIntosh computers should be able to interface with most online casinos these days. Those that don’t will have to deal with the fact their competitors have access to more casino gamblers than they do.

What Do You Lose with Instant Play?

If you haven’t played instantly or in a number of years, the technology has come a long way from the original Java interfaces. With years of technological development in the gaming industry, many of the drawbacks which once existed no longer apply. In the old days, graphical quality often suffered. You also might not get the same sound or music quality. Games might have slow down or lag time. None of those concerns exist anymore.

These days, when you use the no-download methods to play Mac slots, you’ll be able to enjoy the same graphics, sounds, and musical quality. The games have no lag time and play just like the downloaded slot version of the casino. The only factor which might turn you away is the more limited selections of games. That’s not going to be the case with each online casino, but it often is.

Win Palace Slots – For those who want to play WinPalace slots using your Mac computer, you’ll want to use their flash slot game version. This is easy to find and use, but only about 60% of the full selection of Win Palace Casino’s games menu of about 150 titles are going to be available to you. That means you’ll still have your choice of about 80 different slots, and these are going to be the most common games which most gamblers use, anyway.

AllStar Slots and Mac – Those who own a MacIntosh and you absolutely insist on the downloaded version of casino gambling, you might want to try All-Star Slots. If you invest in Windows emulation software, you’ll be able to download the Realtime Gaming software to play every virtual slots game on the Allslots games menu. Of course, you probably bought an Apple computer because you didn’t want anything to do with Microsoft’s product concepts, so this might be anathema to you.

If that’s the case, you can still play using the no-download version of Allstar Slots. Players who want to try instant play have the ability to go to the Macromedia site and get a free download of their flash player. Once this API is updated, you’ll be able to play instantly in your browser.

Bet 365 Slots – Players can enjoy slots at bet365 using Adobe Flash version Any later version of Adobe Flash  works equally well. The Mac OS X 10.4 or later should be compatible with these flash games. You’ll have to make sure you have an up-to-date Mac computer, but (except for my parents) most Mac users I know tend to stay with the times and keep their devices updated.

Club USA Slots – The Club World casinos are all RTG-powered, so your experiences playing fruit machines on that site should be similar to the Bet365 experience. Club USA Casino is the version of ClubWorld for American players, so if you’re an American Mac computer user and you want to gamble on the one-armed bandits, you can do so with the Mac OS X 10.4 or better machine. Keep in mind you’ll be able to play using iPad tablets, iMac computers, and Mac Book Pro laptops. Virtually any Apple device which gives you Internet access should be good for your slots gaming purposes.