Java Slots

Java slots are found at many of the leading online casinos. These instant-play virtual slot machines are available as an alternative to fully-downloadable casino software and can be used by free players or real-money gamblers.

In the past, those who used no-download fruit machines had to deal with slower play times and lesser graphics, but that’s not the case in 2012. Most people will find no discernible difference in gameplay, though I’ve noticed that some electronic casinos might have only a percentage of their slot machine titles available for instant play–though that percentage is usually over 50%.

Since most brand name online slots casinos have between 100 and 150 (or more) slot games available, that still leaves players with a significant number of options.

Why Use Java to Play Online Slots?

You might wonder why anyone would want to play the slots using browser-based Java games, instead of downloading slot games and having the full support of the downloaded interface. Actually, a lot of reasons exist, which I’ll spell out below. The first reason I’ll give is that some people don’t want to waste time with the downloadable software. If you happen to be someone who wants to shop around and find exotic games or simply try out all the oddball gaming options you can find, you might not want to download the software for 20 to 30 different casino operations. Instead, using the instant play version of those sites makes more sense for you.

Gamblers who are out of place also have reasons to play without downloaded software. Imagine you decide to go on vacation and you don’t bring a laptop or tablet computer. You come in from the golf course and your wife texts you she’s going to be another couple of hours at the spa or the shopping village. You decide to relax with a nice session on the fruit machines, but the only portal you have for gambling are the computers at the hotel. If you download the software and log into your account from it, unless you uninstall, you might end up leaving your information sitting on a public computer that heaven-know-who is going to see. Instead, you decide to sign into your account using the Java games, knowing you’ll be able to close out and be secure that no one has your credit card or casino account information.

Java Slots for Mac and Linux Computer

Many online casino operators still don’t use gaming software which is compatible with Apple MacIntosh computers, so the only way Mac users can play casino games is using a no-download casino. Their two options are browser-based games using either Java or Flash. In either case, the Mac desktop and laptop computers work with these instant game options. So do iPad tablets.

Besides, Apple computers, the other major alternative to Microsoft devices are the Linux computers. Linux operating systems are used on computers built and designed using a different programming language than Windows software uses. Most people who own these machines prefer to avoid Microsoft Windows or anything which involves MSN products. As you might imagine, Linux computers often don’t interface too well with software designed for Microsoft products. In the case of these machines, the only way most electronic casino games interface with Linux is using the Flash or Java games, so this is another reason people use no-download games.

Top Online Slot Casinos Using Java

A number of online slot casinos have Java games which are compatible with those listed above. It should go without saying that anyone using a personal computer designed by Microsoft can also play Java instant games. Slot players using Mac or Linux should have no trouble finding web-based casino games which work with their devices.

Java versus Flash

In recent years, Macromedia Flash has begun to overtake Java applets for browser-based Internet casino games. For the novice slots gamblers, you’ll probably find either works just fine with whatever device you’re running. Both are designed as architecture neutral, multithreaded, and secure for most computers. Specific preferences between the two might come down to the robustness of one or the other, but I wouldn’t be too concerned about using each.

Java Programming Language and Platform

The Java programming language is a simple, yet secure, computer language. Java Technology is also a platform. Java tends to work with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris Operating Systems. When you open Java using your computer, you’ll get a dynamic, high performance option for gambling.

People with older machines might find their computer doesn’t interface well with the casino software, which is usually kept up-to-date and designed for the latest devices on the market. Even if you don’t have compatibility issues, you might find your computer’s memory card or hard drive doesn’t have room for a whole lot more downloaded casinos, so you’d prefer to just play a web-based slot machine without more applications loaded onto your computer. Old tech isn’t the only scenario when Java makes sense. Even people with the latest and best computing machines find they might not interface well with a casino operator’s software.

Java Virtual Machines are installed on your computer as client pieces, so you can run java programs from websties. When you install new versions, the old versions generally are not uninstalled, since different browser programs might require different variations of the Java client. These programs tend to co-exist on your PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet without too many conflicts. If you do have problems with conflicts or you have limited memory and don’t want automatic updates (new ones happen about once per month), here’s how to turn off the automatic java updates on your computer.

Go into your control panel and click the Java icon. Go to either the “Updates” or “Advanced” tab and click to turn this off. Most of the time, you don’t need auto-updating, because you get prompts to update when it’s required to run something, such as a flash casino.