One of the things you need to consider when you’re deciding what casino to sign up to is whether or not their slots software is compatible with your operating system. Will their online slot games work on your computer or mobile device? This is the first thing I recommend finding out once you make sure the slots on the casino are safe and legit.

However, before you get that far it might make more sense to learn what the different options are out there for the operating systems you plan to use. Below you’ll find a list of compatible operating systems and solutions for both desktops and mobile devices. Just choose the operating system you plan to use to learn more.

Playing Slots On Your Desktop

The standard for playing slot games online has always been to play from your desk or laptop computer. The i-gaming industry has come a long ways in this department, as it used to be that online slots were only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Nowadays that’s not the case. Online casinos have come up with solutions so that no player is alienated or forced to find a workaround to play at their favourite slot games. What they’ve come up with is what’s referred to as an instant play or no download slots. These casinos are either powered by Java or Flash, with Flash being the most common. Either way, players are not singled out anymore because of the operating system they choose to use.

To learn more just choose the operating system you plan to use. We’ve excluded Windows because they’re compatible with everything.

No Download Slots

No download slots come in two forms, either Flash or Java versions of the casino software. Most casinos offer a no download version of the casino, often called “Instant Play”. Our review page covers the top places to play no download slots, including how to use the software, create a new account and play (real money or free).

Online Slots for Macs

It used to be that Macs had to use emulators or dual-boot setups in order to play online. Not anymore. Nearly every casino has a Flash or Java powered casino that Mac players can play in. How do Mac players get started with that? Click here to learn more.

Online Slots with Flash

Flash casinos use Adobe Flash to run their games. Players will play these games in their browser from the casinos’ backend instead of downloading the software. This is an excellent solution for Mac and Linux players, or anyone that doesn’t want to download large files to their computer. Click here to learn more.

Online Slots with Java

Java is another solution to playing slots without downloading any software. The games perform just as good as the download version, however it uses the Java applet. Our Java review page covers which casinos are equipped with Java slots, how to play and the pros and cons of using Java over Adobe Flash.

How to Play Slots on Your Mobile Device

Statistics show that mobile usage has been climbing steadily over the last couple of years. In fact, one of the top activities on mobile devices is playing games. So it should come as no shock to you to learn that more and more casinos are developing miniaturized or mobile optimized versions of their online slots for their customers to enjoy.

To learn more about how to play slot games on your phone or tablet simply choose which operating system(s) you intend to play from. The links will take you to pages with details on what casinos have online slot apps for you, their games and how you can get started.

Android – Android users are in luck because most casinos we come across develop their apps for Android first. Would you like to know what casinos have Android slot apps and what games you can play? Then read this page to learn more.

iPhone / iPad – Based on our research the iOS has a leg up on Android as the iPad is the only tablet (so far) compatible with live dealer games. Sounds great, right? But what about slot players? No problem. This page will cover where you can play online slot games, the best slot apps overall for iOS and how you can get started today. Click here to learn more.

Blackberry – Unfortunately, there are fewer options for Blackberry users. It comes down to supply and demand — there are just more users that want to play slots from their iOS and Android devices than Blackberry. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. We’ll show you what casinos have apps for Blackberry devices. Click here to learn more.

Windows – Windows users have gotten the short end of the stick. There are few options out there for you. Click here to find out what those options are.

Top Compatible Slots Casinos

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