No strategy or trick exists to help gamblers overcome the casino’s edge in the game of roulette. If you use these methods to try and win more often, you’re playing right into the casino’s hands. Beating a game of chance is not a matter of using a specific strategy or placing bets according to a system.

These eight tips will help you enjoy the casino experience more and increase the entertainment value of your casino gambling budget.

Tip #1. Avoid Betting Systems

The theory that gamblers can impact the casino advantage by altering their wagers or trying to read patterns in winning numbers is a myth. The outcome of one spin of the wheel is completely independent of all other outcomes – doubling bets after losses will not help you turn a profit at the roulette table. The same goes for all other systems that spread through word-of-mouth, forwarded emails, and websites that claim to teach people how to beat the house. Managing your bankroll and following the other tips in this article is a better way to turn the tables on casino gambling.

Tip #2. Play on European Wheels Only

Since single-zero European-style wheels give the casino nearly half the edge of double-zero American wheels, one way to perform better against the house is to only play single-zero games. It may be difficult to find a single-zero game depending on where you play. Do your homework before you hit the casino to see if they have this type of game available; if not, move on to one that does.

Tip #3. Never Place the 5-Numbers Bet

The worst wager on American roulette wheels is the 5-numbers bet, which covers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The casino’s advantage on this bet is higher than any other (7.89% )when standard game rules are used. Completely avoiding this sucker bet won’t literally help you beat the game, but it will prevent you from handing over cash to the house at a rate far greater than every other wager.

Tip #4. Use Common Sense Bankroll Management

The phrase bankroll management means determining the size of your wagers based on your budget and how long you plan on gambling. A good rule of thumb for players looking to stretch their bankroll is not to place more than a percent or two of your total bankroll on the table at any given time. The ability to place more bets (because you’re not losing large chunks of money on any single spin) means a longer session. Playing for two hours instead of twenty minutes increases the entertainment value of all of your bets.

Tip #5. Join Any Rewards or VIP Club Available

When the money you spend gambling earns freebies, you’re actually shaving off a small piece of the casino’s advantage. After all, the casino pays for that free New York strip steak you eat or the beers comp’d by the floor manager. Loyalty clubs reward players in different ways depending on how much they spend at the tables. When the casino gives you something for free, that’s money you can keep in your wallet or add to your bankroll.

Tip #6. Stick to Even-Money Bets

One way to make winning at roulette more likely is to place only even-money bets. These wagers, such as odd/even or red/black, give you the best odds of winning in exchange for a smaller payout.

Tip #7. Tip Your Dealers

Casino staff earn less than you may think, so like waiters and other service industry employees the casino expects their dealers will earn tips. How much you tip is up to you, but a tip equal to the table’s bet minimum for each session is a polite minimum amount. Better service should earn a better tip. When you win big, take care of your dealer with at least 5% of your payout, maxing out at ten times the bet minimum. Poor tippers are quickly identified, and though dealers can’t intentionally screw you at the tables, they can give you the cold shoulder and make your time in the casino less enjoyable.

Tip #8. Have Fun

Remember that gambling is designed as a form of entertainment. Sure, a small percentage of gamblers are professionals, earning (or attempting to earn) a living exclusively from the games they play, but the fact is games on the casino floor are designed with a built-in advantage – the house wins every time, in the long run. If you only play when you’re having fun, you’ll do yourself (and your wallet) a big favor.

Put simply, no system or tactic will ever help you overcome the advantage built into the rules of roulette. The Martingale System and other tricks that supposedly help you win at the tables are based on faulty logic. Gamblers are better off employing the eight tips above to have more fun and earn more for their money on the casino floor