Safest Roulette Casinos

Finding a safe, regulated casino for your roulette gambling isn’t that hard if you live outside the United States. Gamblers in large parts of the European Union have their choice of all the brand name, legit online casinos you see in advertisements and financial news reports. Americans have more limited online casino options, due to the UIGEA and a myriad of state laws.

Since the prospects are different depending on your location, this article will discuss gaming choices for people from several locations worldwide. This guide to the safest roulette casinos discusses sites in the US market, Canada, Australia, the UK, and continental Europe. Remember that unregulated gaming markets allow casino play free of prosecution, but also free of consumer protections. Picking the best online casinos is doubly important in that case.

Legally Licensed Roulette Casinos

Legal, licensed roulette casinos are going to advertise which government oversees and authorizes their game. You should be able to see a national seal or logo or some type of disclaimer. If you don’t find which country regulates gaming at the site you’ve chosen, navigate off the site to find that information. First, go to “Online Casino City” and look up the casino you want to know about. While that site sometimes has slightly dated information, it’s a trusted authority on the subject and usually has up-to-date information. They also have casinos they black flag, which is a good way to tell whether you should be playing roulette there.

If you still can’t find anything, I would start to get suspicious. At this point, ask a question of the customer support at the site and, if they suggest you need to be a member before they can answer questions, I’d cut ties with them immediately. A website shouldn’t force people to join before they freely offer information–most legitimate casinos advertise their legal information. Gamblers will find plenty of good, regulated casinos willing to give them action, so don’t waste your time with iffy propositions.

Check Online Gambling Communities

Those who are hard-headed might want to learn more about or compare online casinos, if nothing else to warm friends and gambling acquaintances about the operation. If so, post on a respectable gamblers forum or message board about the site in question. Ask if anyone else has had an experience there and whether it was legit. Ask enough people and you’ll find someone who’s dealt with the casino. In fact, you’ll find a whole lot of people. Take the totality of their opinions and no one single response to form your opinion. Even well-written opinions online can be dead wrong.

How to Find a Safe Casino to Play Roulette

While you’re networking on the gambling forums, ask for suggestions on respected, trustworthy gambling operations. Remember to post where your ip address is and what kind of operating system you use. An American gambler is going to get a much different response than a gambler from the UK. Someone using a Linux operating system is going to have a different set of options than a player using a Windows operating system. Those using a laptop circa 2002 with an older operating system are likely to have different needs than someone using a brand new $2,000 desktop computer bought in 2013. Whatever your tech level, though, the biggest factor in online gambling opportunities comes down to where you live.

Safe Roulette Casino Sites for Americans

American gamblers have been put in a precarious spot by their lawmakers and law enforcement officials. Once the publicly traded companies like Microgaming and Playtech left the US market in early 2007, many US players gave up on Internet gambling. Many others chose to stay in the hobby, so they took their gaming to offshore gambling sites which were often headquartered in the Caribbean. In time, good gambling sites appeared to fill the void, but some less savory operations also sprung up. Because the U.S. government chose to make gambling payments illegal, they drove out many well-known, legitimate businesses and exposed American citizens to getting scammed by bad players. These officials would probably say it’s a lesson to U.S. gamblers to avoid online gambling altogether, though these gamblers probably would reply that the US government has no right to tell them how private citizens should spend their hard-earned money from the privacy of their own home.

The point being, American roulette players have to take a leap of faith when playing roulette for real money online. They used to get their gaming fix from regulated, safe websites. Now they have to go a little bit off the range to enjoy their hobby. I suggest US players should find a RealTime Gaming site they enjoy and give it a try. If you don’t like RTG, I suggest giving the TopGame TechnologyRTG network, or BetSoft casinos a try.

Licensing Authorities for US Sites

The most common nations which license casinos which still accept U.S. players include Antigua and Barbuda, the Netherlands Antilles (or Curacao), and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission out of Canada. The Kahnawake are a Native American tribe based across the St. Lawrence River from Quebec, Canada. Their gaming commission has the authority to license gambling establishments on the Internet and uses that authority often. Antigua and Barbuda caused a stir a few years back by suing the United States in the WTO based on their international gambling laws–and winning the case. The US government simply ignored the decision, but as of December 29, 2012, Antigua and Barbuda (a nation of 90,000 people) announced it would pursue trade sanctions and seize assets from U.S. intellectual property in their country–something the WTO has authorized the tiny island nation to do. As you can see, these tiny Caribbean nations are not simple offshore tax shelters, but internationally recognized sovereign states.

American or European Roulette?

After all that, you won’t be surprised when I tell gamblers they should play European roulette instead of American roulette, because the house edge is 2.7% in the Euro game and 5.26% in the American double-zero game. I should mention I’m a proud American myself. Heck, I’m from Texas, but even proud Americans have to pay an additional $2.56 for every $100 you wager if you want to support the stars-and-stripes on the American-vs-European rouletteissue. The truth is, Las Vegas casinos have been cheating roulette gamblers of their casino money for decades, but that’s no reason to play the same game online. Many online casinos offer double-zero and single-zero roulette side-by-side, but always choose the single-zero game.