Reno Roulette

Reno roulette players have at least 35 gaming wheels to enjoy their favorite game. While the local casinos don’t devote a whole lot of floor space to spinning wheel games, their roulette is played at the most common limits and with standard Las Vegas rules. What you’ll find is common double-zero games of roulette, though I can’t promise you the  establishments use the imprisonment rules found in Atlantic City and most of the Las Vegas, which gives double-zero roulette a more manageable 2.63% house edge instead of the traditional 5.26% edge for the house. You won’t find much in the way of single-zero European roulette and its player-friendly 2.70% house edge.

Which Casinos Have Reno Roulette In Vegas?

Several of the casinos where you can enjoy roulette in town have names which are famous in the gambling industry: Circus Circus, Harrah’s, Sands Regency. Operations like the Peppermill Resort and Club Cal Neva might not be as familiar to those who don’t travel to Reno often, but all of the eleven establishments which offer roulette are medium-sized operations (by casino standards) that offer the full range of gambling options to players.

While it’s not like Las Vegas in terms of selection, the Reno area offers a more complete vacation experience, because of its access to resorts in both summer and winter. In the summer, you can enjoy Lake Tahoe, Virginia Lake Park, The Truckee River Walk, Bartley Ranch Regional Park, the Animal Ark, the Sierra Safari Zoo, The Reno Fun Train, Sierra Sage Golf Course, LakeRidge Golf Course, Rosewood Lakes Golf Course, Wolf Run Golf Club, Brookside Golf Course, Arrowcreek, the Galina Creek Park, The Great Basin Adventure and the Ultimate Rush & Theme Park. In the winter, you’ll be able to enjoy Galina Creek Park’s cross-country skiing, Northstar Ski Resort, Mt. Rose Ski Resort, Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, Heavenly Mountain Resort (the largest), Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Sierra-at-Tahoe Ski Resort, and the famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort (home to the 1960 Winter Olympics).

Enjoy golf and lake fun by the day and roulette gambling at night during the summer, or ski until dark and enjoy roulette gaming by night in the winter. Here are the best places to enjoy gambling on the wheels in Reno, Nevada.

Roulette Casinos in Reno

Reno has 30 total places where legalized gambling takes place. Of these, just over 1/3 have roulette wheels. In all, you have 11 casinos with roulette, 16 gaming establishments with no spinning wheel, and 3 gambling halls where you might find roulette betting taking place. I’ll cover each of these. Since you’re coming to this page to see where to go, let’s get right to it.

The following 11 casino resorts have 1 or more confirmed roulette tables. These tend to be the largest gambling facilities in Reno, Nevada. Often, they will have 500 or more gaming machines and 50 or more casino gaming tables. These include standard table games like blackjack and craps, along with roulette gambling. A few act as racebooks or sportsbooks. These are going to be the largest, most visible gaming halls in the city, so you should be able to find them without any trouble.

  • Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa – 3 wheels
  • Bonanza Casino – 5 tables
  • Boomtown Hotel – Yes
  • Circus Circus Hotel – 5 wheels
  • Club Cal Neva Hotel – 3 wheels
  • Eldorado Hotel – Yes
  • Grand Sierra Resort – 4 wheels
  • Harrah’s Reno Casino – 3 wheels
  • Peppermill Resort & Spa – 3 wheels
  • Sands Regency – 1 table
  • Silver Legacy Resort – 6 roulette wheels

Reno Casinos without Roulette

Below is the list of 16 gambling establishments which have no roulette whatsoever. Most of these are local bars, restaurants, and hotels which have a tiny gaming space. These businesses tend to cater to slot machine gamblerswho play machines tucked away in the corner while their friends and family buy groceries, pharmaceuticals, drinks, or meals. In the case of the Reno International Airport, people play the slots while they’re waiting for a flight. Remember, these venues tend to have a high house edge and terrible odds for the better. I’d stay away from most of them, unless you don’t mind giving up big odds for a few laughs at the gaming machine.

  • Bordertown Casino RV Resort – No Roulette – 134 gaming machines
  • Cal Neva Nevadan Tower – No Roulette – 21 nickel slots
  • Gold Dust West – No Roulette – Sports Book and 485 gaming machines
  • Gold N’ Silver Inn – No – 29 machines
  • The Reno Nugget – No – 65 total machines
  • Old Reno Casino – No Roulette – Bingo and Multi-Denomination Slots
  • Reno Turf Club – No – Sports Book and 1 gaming machine
  • Reno/Tahoe International Airport Slots – No Roulette – 244 slot machines
  • Sak’ N Save 1 – No Roulette – Twenty gaming machines
  • Scolari’s Food & Drug Company 18 – None – 20 gaming machines
  • Scolari’s Food & Drug Company 19 – None – 22 total machines
  • Scolari’s Food and Drug Company 20 – None – 22 gaming machines
  • Sierra Gold – No Roulette – 15 gaming machines
  • Sierra Junction – No Gaming Wheels – 15 total gambling machines
  • Sparky’s Bar – No Roulette – 15 gaming machines
  • Tamarack Junction – None – Sportsbook, Keno, 480 slot machines

Other Roulette Possibilities in Reno

If you happen to be at the Diamond Casino or the Ramada or Sienna hotels, you might stop into their gambling area and see if they have a roulette wheel or not. These locations have posted that they have unspecified casino table games, but leave players in the dark about what these machines might be. If you can’t get to one of the larger venues or if you happen to be staying the night in one of these places, this might be your most convenient option for roulette wagers. If you learn roulette definitely goes on in these businesses, drop a note to confirm.

  • Diamonds Casino – Possibly – 4 unspecified table games, 275 gaming machines
  • Ramada Reno Hotel & Casino – Possibly – 258 machines, blackjack, and “other games”–4 total
  • Siena Hotel Spa – Possibly – Race book, sports book, 425 gaming machines, 10 table games

All in all, anyone wanting to play roulette in Reno, Nevada should be within five minutes of a spinning wheel, no matter where they go in the city. Reno might not be Las Vegas when it comes to casino gambling, but they have several nice resort casinos and most of the games you could want to play. Roulette players might have to search a bit longer, but they’ll find the game they want