Progressive Roulette

Finding a roulette table offering a progressive jackpot is not easy; few table games come equipped with a top payout that ticks higher the more the game is played. But some casinos, on land and online, have produced variations of roulette that include this type of jackpot.

What Is a Progressive Game?

Any casino game that contains a jackpot that grows over time earns this label. The first and still the most common casino games offering an ever-increasing jackpot are slot machines. Hosting games with this type of payout is good business for the casino because some gamblers have trouble resisting the appeal of the high-dollar win.

How does a bettor earn this kind of win? That varies from game to game. On slot machines, if a player gets lucky enough to spin a specific combination of symbols, the payout is triggered and their win total is the amount displayed on the machine at that moment.

It’s important to understand that this type of win gets reset to a specific minimum amount when a player wins it. That means the amount of cash won depends on how much time has passed since the prize was last triggered. Some games with an ever-increasing top win have hit seven figures, turning an average Joe into a millionaire on one game outcome.

Why Casinos Offer Progressives

It may not make sense at first glance for a gambling venue to hand out a max win that could climb into the millions of dollars. But any game, be it a slot game or a roulette table, that offers a progressive prize is tweaked so that the odds are further in the house’s favor. That’s how the casino pays for the payout they know will eventually come.

Casino managers are always looking for a way to get gamblers to spend more money. While some players won’t chase a payout that offers such steep odds, casinos know that some gamblers will gamble more even if the game they’re playing gives them worse odds in order to make up for the high cost of  a win.

How Progressives Affect Strategy

It isn’t by accident that the first games to include this feature were slots – machine gamblers are nothing if not bonus and jackpot chasers, often choosing their game based on its side games, free spin chances, and other added features.

It didn’t take long for game designers to start adding an ever-swelling prize and a display tempting gamblers to place an additional $1 side wager or sit at a game that gives the house a larger edge. The constant rolling up on the digital display excites a certain breed of player, especially those who aren’t thinking about the return on their investment.

If there is any strategy to winning one of these life-changing payouts, it’s thinking about how realistic the chances are of hitting the right combination. Different gamblers have different approaches to casino play; if a person is the type to take big chances in exchange for potentially big rewards, they’re more likely to ignore the decreased odds of winning in favor of a progressive.

Roulette & Progressives

Depending on the casino or online gambling site where you find a table offering a prize of this sort, game play is similar to traditional American or European variations. As with most top prizes that grow over time, players are only eligible to win the jackpot if they place a side wager, part of which is used to fund the cash reward once a gambler is lucky enough to hit it.

An example of how roulette may be altered to include a progressive win: players have to bet an additional credit per spin (on top of their initial wager) to chase the various levels of ever-increasing jackpots. When the wheel spits out the same outcome a set number of times (usually a statistically improbable number of repeats, such as five or six) they win the maximum payout.

As of this writing, table games offering a jackpot that climbs higher the more the game is played are few and far between.

One reason for the lack of roulette variants with such payouts is that the game is already tilted well in the house’s favor; adding one of these large payouts requires the game be setup so that the player’s odds of winning are even lower. Gamblers drawn to table games aren’t the same as those who play slots – they tend to be less likely to risk more money for an unlikely bonus.

That’s not to say progressive varieties aren’t out there –online gamblers may already have access to just such a game, depending on where they play and what company designed the game software.

For bettors who don’t mind staring down long odds in order to hit big money, jackpots that increase over time are enticing. The fact that this variety of game hasn’t caught on much beyond a couple of online game suites indicates that most table game fans aren’t interested in spending more for a tiny chance of a big win.