iPhone / iPad Roulette Apps

Users of iOS devices are considered more mainstream gamblers by the mobile gaming sites than their counterparts with Mac OS computers. Because the iPhone and iPad were groundbreakers in their respective tech field, a larger percentage of the gambling community uses the Apple mobile operating systems than the Mac operating system for desktop and laptop computers. For this reason, most mobile casinos make designing an Android app and an iPhone app their first two priorities. That’s the good new for iPad and iPhone roulette players.

The bad news is that mobile gaming still lags behind the virtual casinos in terms of technology infrastructure. That’s understandable, since many online gambling websites have been in operation for 10 or 15 years now. Most of the leading Internet sites made their investments in technology long alo, while the mobile casinos are still spending money to make their games compatible with the mobile gamers. As it is, the big continental European and UK casinos are starting to produce mobile gaming platforms, often at the pace Microgaming and Playtech themselves become viable mobile tech gaming platforms. Meanwhile, a few independent sites who see real money mobile gambling as a chance to get in on the groundfloor of new gaming niche are developing their own capabilities for iPhone and similar gadgets. It’s a slow process, but the gaming possibilities increase each month.

How iPad / iPhone Roulette Casinos Work

Those new to gambling online should know that the desktop and laptop computers don’t interface with the same sites as tablet computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices. The old style websites for virtual gaming are called online casinos. The new style websites designed for wifi devices are called mobile casinos.

In the latter case, a potential player goes on the site and finds the appropriate application to download onto their devices. When this is done, their operating system becomes compatible with the mobile gambling site. If you have an iPad computer and an iPhone, you’ll need to download this app to each device if you want to play on them.

Playing Roulette for Money on Your iOS

Once this is done, players can play for fun or using real money. To play for free, you can register an account on the site and begin playing. Registration is required, but desirable, because many of these sites offer a free no deposit bonus for new signups. This bonus is usually only $5 to $10 for players who didn’t make a payment, but this lets you play at no risk, but still wager a little bit of money. Most of the time, you’ll lose this freebie cash before you meet the wagering requirements to withdraw it, but you never know.

Those who take the next step and deposit real money are given a much bigger welcome bonus. These promotions usually match your deposit dollar-for-dollar, though the bargain might involve matching funds at a rate between 50% and 300%. Within minutes of making a deposit, you can play real games with real cash on the line.

USA Roulette iPad / iPhone Players

USA casino players are going to have a lot more limitations. Since some of the leading providers of online gambling software (like Playtech, Net Ent, and Microgaming) have no presence in the United States of America, the sites available for iPad roulette is going to be much more limited. Since those gambling software companies are leaders in the industry, American gamblers have to rely on less established and less well-funded companies to make the changeover.

US roulette players need to be aware of the laws which govern online gambling. Many western governments decided to make gambling legal, but regulate and tax the sites which support online gaming. Politicians in these countries believe that licensing and governing the industry is a better way to protect problem gamblers than banning the practice altogether, driving it underground.

When contrasted with their counterparts in the European states, more American lawmakers would prefer electronic gambling did not exist at all, and therefore attempt to eradicate the practice through harsh laws. While significant evidence exists that a majority of national-level politicians would not vote for a strict ban on gambling, the 2006 UIGEA law was passed through the Senate and House of Representatives when the Republican-led Congress attached the unpopular bill to the Safe Port Act, a patriotic bill meant to protect American ports from terrorism. Since the UIGEA went into effect in late 2006, many of the publicly-traded United Kingdom and European gambling companies no longer accept Americans. At present, only a handful of US friendly roulette casinos exist. While these accept iphone and iPad players, these sites are not maintained by brand name companies in the industry.

International Gambling Laws

Beyond the federal government, many state and local governments in the US have their own laws against gambling with electronic devices. Anyone who gambles from a US ip address needs to understand their local laws and make sure they are in compliance. Just because no American citizen has ever been convicted for online gambling, this does not mean future prosecutions won’t happen. Whether you’re in the US or not, it’s a good idea to know whether it’s legal to gamble in your area before playing.

Operating System Requirements

Once you surmount the obstacles above, devices which use the iOS Tiger, iOS Panther, and iOS Mountain Lion should be compatible with most mobile casinos. Just about anyone with an iPhone or iPad should be compatible with the mobile gaming sites. Remember to download the proper application for your device. This should be found on any mobile casino site under the iOS operating system link.