Android smartphones were the rage in mobile casino gambling throughout the 2010’s and remain a dominant factor in 2021. While the iPhone outsells any single Android phone brand, playing mobile games on the Samsung Galaxy and other brands remains the top way to enjoy roulette, blackjack, and slots on the go.

Produced by the Google Corporation and its many tech partners in the Open Handset Alliance, the Android phone turned the smartphone industry on its ear when released in October 2008. Because of its open-source policy which allows independent designers create their own applications for Android devices, the product has overtaken the BlackBerry and iPhoneas the most popular device on the market. As a result, any sort of mobile gaming platform is going to account for the many Android smart phone users wanting to connect.

With over 75% of the global smart phone market as far back as third quarter 2013, if a mobile casino is going to have an app for any device on the market, it’s going to be the Android app.

Android Mobile Roulette Casinos

Those who are only used to the virtual gaming on their desktop and laptop computers through online casinos may be surprised to find an entirely different website handles real money gambling on their mobile gadgets. These sites are called mobile casinos.

Let’s say you want to gamble using your Android phone and you have a favorite online casino. Let’s also stipulate this is a UK casino which is licensed in Gibraltar and uses Microgaming software. You wouldn’t be able to log on to the regular Internet casino and play where you normally would play at. Instead, you find a mobile casino to help you gamble. In many cases, the same company is going to have a mobile site which handles your needs, but it’s at a totally different web address. When you get to this website, you’ll be able to download the Android application which helps all Android OS devices connect to the mobile casino roulette games.

Top Roulette Android Casinos

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How to Play Roulette for Money on Android

For real money gambling on roulette, you’ll need to fund a casino account by making a deposit using a credit card, web wallet, or e-Voucher. Many of the leading payment methods which are used at legitimate casinos are going to be available, so look for logos from companies like VISAMastercardNETELLERSkill/Moneybookers, and UKash. These tell you it’s okay to pay using these methods. Withdrawals tend to be more limited, often with only a couple of options (including a bank wire transfer), so check to make sure the money options suit you before playing.

USA Casino Roulette Players

Players from the United States are going to have a lot fewer mobile gaming options than players in the other English-speaking countries. At last count, exactly 6 mobile casinos existed which accept US players for roulette. That’s in comparison to 30-40 mobile casinos for countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. This matters less for Android OS gamblers than it does for BlackBerry or Windows Mobile roulette, since any mobile casino is going to make sure a downloadable app exists for your gaming needs before any of the other mobile operating systems. Americans who use the Android smart phone should be able to find mobile casinos for their needs, even if their friends with BlackBerries can’t.

The next question is whether these players should choose to play at a mobile site. Questions of legality arise for US gamblers, because anti-gambling agencies in the United States have been empowered by the UIGEA law which was passed in 2006. American lawmakers claim they have the right to police their citizens’ gambling activities at offshore websites, because payments are made back into the U.S. banking system which come from gambling receipts. So far, executives from electronic casino operations and cash transfer companies which handle these money transactions are the ones who’ve been targeted by authorities, but you can never be certain single gamblers won’t one day be prosecuted. Even if that doesn’t happen, player assets have been frozen for months when a company was under investigation. This site recommends any mobile gambler to understand their local, state, provincial, and federal (national) laws when choosing to gamble for real money on their mobile devices.

European Roulette on a Droid

European roulette is the game first made famous in Monte Carlo, but which is now played in land-based casinos across Europe and the United Kingdom. Since casino gaming became established in Asia and Africa during the final days of the European colonial period, this is also the game played in most other areas around the globe. Also called single-zero roulette, this game has only one zero pocket where the ball can land (out of the 37 pockets on the spinning wheel). This lowers the house edge considerably, down to 2.70%, which makes the European version the game you want to play. If you can find la partage or imprisonment rules on the single-0 game, you’ll be able to play with only a 1.35% house edge, which rivals craps and baccarat for the best odds among games which require no strategy lessons.

American Roulette on a Droid

American roulette is the game made famous in Las Vegas and played throughout the United States. This game includes the double-zero pocket, meaning the wheel has 38 pockets and two chances (for both sides) to go bust on the 50/50 bets like red/black or even/odd. This raises the house edge to an intolerable 5.26%. Unless you get the la partage or imprisonment rules which lower the house edge down to 2.63%, never play this game when you have the choice of playing the single-zero version.

Android Gaming Devices

Due to the open source nature of the Android OS, people owning devices from a wide range of companies should be able to use the Android app. This includes Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola Mobility, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, Alcatel Mobile, Foxconn, Kyocera, Lenovo, NEC, and Sharp Corporation. People with wireless service carriers like Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telus, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, China Unicom, the China Telecommunication Corporation, and Bouygues Telecom should be compatible. Android mobile phones give people the widest range of cellular and handset options, which is why they have the largest number of gambling options