One of the most familiar casino games in the world is also one of the oldest. Famous for its setup (the spinning wheel, the silver ball bouncing in and out of numbered pockets), roulette tables attract crowds, especially when gamblers start to risk big money on a single spin. Few players have the bankroll necessary to play high roller table games, so casinos also host tables with low bet minimums. Bettors who aren’t interested in risking their entire stake in a few outcomes gravitate towards tables that allow $5 wagers.

People interested in learning how to play this French-born game of chance don’t have to risk a dime. Even a $5 bet per spin is risky for gamblers trying out new rule variations or learning the ins and outs of roulette wagering

The Purpose of Free Games

Many free casino games are called trainers, and for good reason. The purpose of a play-money game of chance is to take away the intimidation factor inherent in live real-money action. Training yourself on casino games offered in a free format let you learn how to play without risking real money.

Even games with rules and interactions on the simpler side, like roulette, have a learning curve. A noisy casino and impatient table-mates are bad enough if you aren’t familiar with the rules – throw in the possibility of losing actual cash and the purpose of free-play titles becomes clear.

That’s not the only purpose, of course – gambling is entertainment. Casino titles for video game consoles and home computers have been around for decades. Yes, some of the excitement of gambling is the rush of wagering and anticipating the result. Remember, playing games of chance is supposed to be fun, and some versions of free casino classics are used purely as a distraction.

Testing Out Play Strategies

Though they’ve been debunked time and again, some gamblers are still convinced that certain tactics (such as doubling on all losses or trying to find patterns in winning numbers) will help them beat the house. Players convinced of a strategy’s value should play trainer programs or online games that don’t require cash and test out any tactic they want.

If spending a few hours playing a no-cost title can convince a future casino customer that these types of strategies don’t work, that’s time well-spent. Rather than wasting cash on wagers built around mathematically-flawed tricks to beat the house, using free-to-play software and finding out that strategy won’t work can save a gambler from learning that lesson the hard way: by losing their shirt on the casino floor.

Learning to Wager

Some casino games involve an element of skill. Others don’t. Roulette is a luck-based game; winning or losing depends on the bounce of the ball. Even so, learning the game’s rules, the various types of bets, and the pay outs for those bets is important, especially if you plan to play for real money in the future. One way to improve your chances of winning (or at least reduce your liability) is to learn which bets offer the best odds and which to avoid.

Finding Free Games

The quickest way to play free roulette is via the Internet. Many online casinos provide free-play versions of their gaming software both to teach customers new titles and to draw in new business by showcasing the quality of their design. For the most part, these are instant-play games built using Java or Flash animation, so you don’t have to download and add new software to your machine.

How should a wannabe gambler select which free version to play? Since these titles don’t require money, players can test as many free variations as they need before committing to any single version. The design of these games varies; if one title doesn’t feel right or is too slow, move on to another play-money variation.

More about Cost-Free Roulette

The best variants of play-money table games have high-quality graphics and user options that allow players to set up the game to their liking. Players on the hunt for games that don’t require cash may want more realistic graphics and sound effects (to get them used to actual casino action) while people searching for pure entertainment value may lean towards titles featuring cartoon animation and interaction between other players.

One thing to consider when you plug in to a trainer or free-play title- you are still investing something, namely your time. The trade-off for the lack of financial risk is the requirement of a few hours of your time. And like any game, electronic or tabletop, the addictive nature of these instant-play distractions is surprising to some people, especially considering there is no money changing hands.

An hour or two invested in no-cost gambling software is wise for a variety of reasons. Players unfamiliar with roulette betting options or terms used during play would be wise to seek out titles available for free.