Facebook Roulette Apps

Facebook roulette lets a person enjoy their favorite spinning wheel casino game with their online friends. Roulette is one of the most popular games, because it combines the relaxation of a slow game pace and low-strategy component with the thrills of big money payouts. Online roulette can be played at a faster pace than would be possible in a brick-and-mortar casino, but the game is best enjoyed a slow, traditional pace. This allows you to use the live chat to talk with friends while you (and they) play. With non of the strategy choices of blackjack, Facebook roulette becomes the perfect game for catching up on old times over a good gamble

How to Play Roulette Apps / Games on Facebook

To play casino games on Facebook, you’ll need to find the game you’d like to try and download the app for this title. Applications let your computer, tablet, or mobile phoneinterface with Facebook’s gaming platform. This platform contains many different game selections, including multiple roulette options. Once you do this, you’ll be able to schedule casino events with your Facebook friends, or meet new friend through the social network while playing your favorite casino games.

Many of the gambling apps require a late-model operating system, so keep your device up-to-date with the latest upgrades. The leading operating systems give you access to Facebook gaming, so try to use the Apple iOSAndroid OSBlackBerry OS, or Windows Mobile operating system. While new releases may not include all these options, most games which gain popularity are going to receive the software support to make the game available to the widest audience.

Real Money Facebook Roulette Apps

People used to playing Zynga Roulette probably assuming all Facebook games are freeand for entertainment only. That was the case at an earlier time, but the producers of these games have begun to reconsider their stances. In fact, Zynga itself is now into real money gaming, after Zynga UK’s October 2012 decision to partner with a prominent online casino company to design their first real money game. This was followed in December 2012 by Facebook inking its own separate deal with another online gambling company. The long time reticence to get involved in the Internet gambling industry has been overcome, as both corporations are looking for ways to keep growing their business.

Types of Facebook Games

Roulette Madness – Roulette Madness has over 216,000 likes on Facebook, so it’s found its audience on the social networking site. RouletteMadness is from the same people who brought you Blackjack Madness: Net Entertainment. Those unfamiliar with NetENt should know they’ve been an gaming software design company since the late 1990s. With over 100 online gambling sites powered by Net Entertainment, they are one of the giants of the online gambling industry, known for their eye-popping 3D animated slot machines. To play, go to the Facebook page for Roulette Madness, log in, and click on the “play” button on the top right hand side of the page. Easy to read istructions show you how to download and play using their free app.

AbZorba Live Roulette – AbZorba Games came out with the Live Blackjack21 and Live Blackjack Pro games, which had over 700,000 downloads at last count. Their LiveRoulette requires Android OS 2.1 and up, but provides simulated roulette at a high quality. The last update (version 1.2.5) was on January 29, 2013. With over 500 ratings, the game sits at 4.7 out of 5.0. What I like about this app is it offers the game from an overhead position, so it’s like you’re viewing the betting table and the spinning wheel as if you’re hovering above the table. I prefer this much better to the angled view most roulette games offer. While the angled view simulates where you’d be standing at a live casino, it’s still not the best vantage point in the house.

Vegas Roulette Mobile Game – If you want a Java script roulette game for your mobile phone, take a look at VegasRoulette, which is provided by HOVR. This app lets you play using Samsung devices.

Roulette Royale – RouletteRoyale is a designed by MyWavia Studios and has separate versions made for people using the iOS or Android operating system. The iPhone roulette app is a critical favorite, while the Android version is the iPhone favorite ported over to Android phones. The installs for this free gaming app now range into the millions. The current version is 4.6 and is compatible with Android 1.6 and up. It was last updated on January 31, 2013. Another option for iPad and iPhone users is Roulette Mobile, which can be found on iTunes.

More Facebook Games

Aside from “People Roulette”, these are the only games available on Facebook that offer roulette. To play using a Blackberry, try using one of the BlackberryGS games. Definitely type that into your search engine when searching for the app. If you only type in “Blackberry roulette”, you’re likely to find references to an Urban Dictionary entry which states that’s talking on your cellphone while driving the automobile. Windows Mobile OS users can try Astraware Casino 1.40 or Casino 2.0 for their devices. The process of finding the right application for your device can make Facebook Roulette a little challenging in the start-up phase, but now that you’ve read this article, you should be able to surmount that obstacle and start enjoying roulette online with your social network friends.