Atlantic City Roulette

Atlantic City has a big role in the recent history of the American gambling industry. In the decades when little legalized gambling was found on the eastern seaboard, New Jersey passed laws to make Atlantic City into the so-called Las Vegas of the east. Since then, more gambling operations have appeared in the Tri-state area and adjacent states, causing Atlantic City to make changes to how it provides gambling to visitors and tourists. You’ll only find roulette listed for 7 of the 12 operating casinos inside Atlantic City these days, but that might not always be the case. Let’s discuss every aspect of roulette gambling Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Single-Zero Roulette

Atlantic City was the first place in the United States where single-zero roulette could be played. Today, you can play single-zero roulette in Atlantic City, most Las Vegas casinos, and Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut. Most other casinos in the USA don’t let you play European roulette. For instance, The Grand Casino in Tunica allowed people to play single-zero at one time, but Harrah’s has since taken over, so that might not be the case anymore.

When you play single-zero roulette in America, expect higher limits on the game than double-zero versions. Certain trade-offs are required to enjoy the better game. Of course, you might have to ask yourself whether it’s better to play European roulette in Atlantic City. This would seem an obvious answer (“yes”), but casino management and game designers can be clever in how they set up their gaming options, tweaking the rules to create a different experience altogether. In fact, you get slightly better oddsplaying double-zero roulette than the single-zero version in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Imprisonment Rules

Atlantic City casinos have a double-zero roulette rule which lowers the house edge to 2.63%, giving it a slightly higher payback percentage than European roulette. The rules follow a variation of the imprisonment rules in many European casino. In Atlantic City games, if you make a standard bet and the ball lands on either a “0” or a “00”, you only lose half of your bet. Essentially, losing due to the inclusion of the double-zero halves the house edge from its traditional 5.26% to the 2.63%, down some 0.07% from traditional single-zero roulette.

It should be noted that Euro or single-zero roulette doesn’t have the same rule applied to it in Atlantic City, so you’ll get the standard 2.70% house edge you would anywhere else in the world.

Atlantic City Casinos with Roulette Games

To help you find places to play roulette inside Atlantic City, I put together the following table for the current availability of roulette in all the Atlantic City casinos. This is according to Casino City as of June 2012, so this information might change over time. Slightly over half the resorts in town offer casino wheel gaming, so roulette gamers should have a list of sites which offer their favorite game. Good luck finding roulette gaming in

  • Tropicana Atlantic City Casino – $5 to $5,000 bets
  • Borgata Hotel Casino – Seventeen roulette tables available.
  • Atlantic Club – Games Available
  • Trump Taj Mahal – Roulette is available.
  • Trump Plaza Hotel – No roulette available.
  • Showboat Atlantic City – No roulette available.
  • Bally’s Atlantic City – Roulette table are available.
  • Revel Casino Resort – No roulette available (gaming machines, poker).
  • Resorts Casino Hotel – No roulette.
  • Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City – Roulette is available.
  • Golden Nugget – Six roulette wheels operate at the Golden Nugget.
  • Caesars Atlantic City – No roulette tables available.


So if you’re in New Jersey and you want to enjoy some wheel gaming, you should go the Tropicana, Borgata, Atlantic Club, Trump Taj Mahal, Bally’s Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort, and the Golden Nugget. If you go to the Trump Plaza, Showboat, Revel Casino, Resorts Casino, or Caesars Atlantic City, you might be disappointed. Luckily, if these gambling houses don’t offer the game you want, the great thing about a casino city is the game you want is only a short taxi ride (or walk) away. I’m not sure why a casino opens up and seeks customers without offering a few roulette wheels, but I suppose these are the experts.

The Future of Gaming in Atlantic City

I suspect a lot of changes coming for Atlantic City gaming in the next few years. When Governor Chris Christie announced the state of New Jersey would defy federal statutes when it comes to sports gambling, this underscored how much trouble Atlantic City casinos and New Jersey racinos have had in recent years. New Jersey had a one-year window to join with Nevada, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware as those states in which the federal governments allow legal sports gambling, due to clauses of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This law was passed in 1991, but New Jersey’s lawmakers declined to join those other four states by 1992, when the law went fully into effect.

The Atlantic City casinos have suffered in the years since, as racinos have been built in Pennsylvania and more Tri-state gamblers have flocked to big Native American casinos in Connecticut, like Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. Internet gambling has also siphoned away clients, so the whole industry in New Jersey has suffered from increased competition. New Jersey’s leaders have reassessed the need for sports gambling to maintain the viability of Atlantic City casinos and resorts. This might be one reason local casinos don’t offer popular games like roulette, as management is forced to make difficult decisions on how best to serve a declining customer base. Hopefully, New Jersey and the US government can come to some accommodation that will allow Atlantic City to take its rightful place among the other gambling capitals when it comes to sportsbooks. If so, then all the casinos in town might one day expand their gaming operations.