Kerching Casino Blackjack Review

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100% up to £100

Kerching Casino

First Deposit Bonus 100% up to £100
  • Play Multi-Hand Blackjack with 1000x Bonus
  • Over 10 Versions of Blackjack Available
  • Weekly Bonuses for Regular Players
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  • Over 500 Games with instant play
  • Voted the best online casino by casinomeister
Kerching Casino Highlights
  • Does Not Accept US Players
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    Kerching Casino
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    01556 897 3872
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    100% up to £100
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Detailed Casino Review

Since Kerching Casino was launched in 2007 by the Barcrest Group, the casino has been bringing an unrivaled gaming suite to the global online casino market. From slots to card games, table games and Video Poker, players get a wide array of the best online casino games powered by IGT software. IGT introduces fast play and cutting-edge graphics, and you can play either on your browser or on Kerching’s downloadable casino. One of the most popular games at Kerching Casino is Blackjack.

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Kerching Casino Blackjack Games

Kerching Casino has a collection of classic Blackjack games that would best be defined as the best online Blackjack variants for paying homage to the table game’s honorable and rich history. The game’s origin can be traced back to more than 300 years ago, when the French game ‘vingt-et-un,’ the Italian game ‘Seven and a Half,’ and the Spanish game ‘One and Thirty’ were first played. Blackjack appeals to the intellect while still being a source of endless fun, and thus, its unending popularity over the centuries.

The variants at Kerching Casino have realistic titles, authentic features, and generous bonuses. Hosted on lifelike tables, on the floor of a luxurious online casino, Blackjack at Kerching delivers a complete gaming experience to all players, novices and pros alike. If you are truly an online gaming enthusiast, you will appreciate the remarkably authentic card movement, realistic lighting and shadow effects, the croupier’s unique commentary, and state-of-the-art graphics presented by the IGT software platform. The wealth of new features the titles have adds a new twist to the online table game and comes with a diversity of ways for players to win. Every single title at Kerching Casino is specifically designed to bring you a total Blackjack experience to the comfort of your home.

The game of Blackjack essentially requires the player to achieve 21 or as close to 21 without “busting,” or going over 21, while still beating the dealer’s hand, who cannot bust either. The player starts with two cards and when you add their values, you can decide to either stay or ask the dealer for another, depending on how close your hand is to 21. When you get 21 or closer to it than the dealer, you have the winning hand. Blackjack looks very easy to learn, and while it is, the trick is in mastering strategies, as going over 21 becomes a guaranteed loss.

Blackjack titles at Kerching Casino follow:

  • Table Blackjack
  • Top Hat 21
  • Power Blackjack – Players Suite
  • Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus
  • Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus
  • Multi-hand Blackjack with 1000x Bonus
  • Multi-hand Blackjack- Players Suite
  • 21 + 3 Blackjack

Playing Table Blackjack – This is a thrilling classic version of Blackjack, taking the player back to the basics of playing the game. The player is allowed to take the dealer to the cleaners. A Blackjack is achieved with a face card plus an Ace.

Top Hat 21 – Top Hat 21 is another classic, back-to-basics title. It brings extra fun and excitement to online Blackjack. The thrill is in playing in a darkened theater full of magic, where a mysterious croupier deals the cards. This croupier is an invisible host, and the cards are drawn from a top hat floating around. You can buy insurance, split, or even double down. Top Hat 21’s theme is totally unique and innovative, making it one of Kerching Casino’s most popular titles.

Power Blackjack – Players Suite – This Blackjack title is similar to Top Hat 21 in that it is designed for fun and excitement. It is also a classic, with two new second-chance plays (Power Split and Power Double) for transforming weak hands into winning hands. Electricity sparks from the cards, and the players get the chance to either split on a hard 15 or 16, or request a second double down card in order to improve their hands. In a single game, you can play two separate hands. The experience of the electrified card theme makes it exhilarating for gamers every time.

Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus – If you want to play Blackjack as it is done in Vegas, try out Kerching Casino’s Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus. The game is a modern adaptation of the high-stakes tables of Vegas casinos. This title is perfect for players who love online games that are laden with bonuses. It is Kerching’s most generous game yet, as players can win 30:1 on a Blackjack.

Players also have chance after chance of beating the dealer, which is a rather unique experience, thanks to the range of fantastic features that favor the player. For instance, in addition to the fantastic 20+ Bonus Award, the dealer has to stick at a soft 17. Also, you, as the player, are allowed to double down on whichever two cards you choose.

Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus – Another popular bonus title is the Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus, which allows players to win consecutive deals, thus, increasing the prizes. The basic rules of the game are to get 21 or bust, which are similar to those of the traditional variety. You get to set the table on fire in a battle that is extremely generous with the rules. It is perfect for a player aiming for a real winning streak.

Multi-hand Blackjack with 1000x Bonus – This title gives Blackjack a thrilling twist. Players get to triple their excitement through three distinct hands instead of the usual one. For each time you land a Blackjack, the Bonus Bet allows you a win that goes up to 1000 times the side bet you make.

Multi-hand Blackjack – Players Suite – This is also Blackjack with triple excitement. The Player’s Suite is Kerching’s fantastic new title, which is a version of the classic 21. Play with three hands and experience the finest game play across the entire industry.

21 + 3 Blackjack – To define this Blackjack title, think of one table and two awesome games. You get to experience a thrilling mix of both Three Card Poker and Blackjack on a single table. With your side bet, you can earn up to 100 times that amount.