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GrandParker Online Casino
GrandParker Casino
100% up to $1,000

GrandParker Casino

Casino Bonus of 100% up to $1,000
  • $1,000 Sign up Bonus + VIP Comps
  • Cash Outs Processed Quickly
  • Play No Download or Download
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GrandParker Casino Highlights
  • Multiple Variations of Video Poker Games Available
  • Play for Free or Real Money
  • Royal Flush Pays Out $2,000+
GrandParker Casino Highlights
  • This Casino is Not Mobile Compatible
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    100% up to $1,000
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GrandParker Casino
GrandParker Casino Video Poker
GrandParker Casino Video Poker

Full GrandParker Casino Video Poker Review

Video poker games are among the most popular ways to gamble worldwide. When online casino gambling became popular in the mid to late 1990s, video poker was a natural fit for the format. This particular skill-based machine game lends itself very well to the Internet, since the game interface in brick and mortar casinos was very similar to a computer. Unlike table games, which require a lot of props and physical space, poker machines require little more than a screen and a few buttons.

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Variations of Video Poker at GrandParker Casino

Grand Parker Casino currently hosts nineteen of Real Time Gaming’s most popular video poker titles. As of this writing, the site’s library of video poker is made up of the following titles:

  • 7 Stud Poker
  • Deuces Wild
  • Deuces Wild 2
  • Loose Deuces
  • Loose Deuces 2
  • Bonus Deuces Wild
  • Bonus Deuces 2
  • Bonus Poker
  • Bonus Poker 2
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Double Bonus Poker 2
  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Double Double Bonus Poker 2
  • Double Double Jackpot Poker
  • Double Double Jackpot Poker 2
  • Jacks or Better
  • Jacks or Better 2
  • Joker Poker
  • Joker Poker 2

Fans of video poker will no doubt recognize many of the games; Grand Parker’s library is outfitted with really common games (such as Joker Poker and Deuces Wild) as well as plenty of bonus versions and sequels to keep your game play varied.

Since each game has its own payout table and set of rules, it’s important for players to understand the way the games work, how to win, and how much you’ll win for different hands. It is strongly advised that you research a game (and take advantage of free-play versions) before you start placing real-money bets, just so you get the hang of the game and the way the various payout tables work.

To that end, here is a look at one of Grand Parker Casino’s most popular titles in this category, how the game works, and what its pay table looks like. 7 Stud Poker is one of the more complex video titles, so if you can understand this game, you’ll have no problem understanding their other titles.

7 Stud Poker at Grand Parker Casino

The price per credit on this game includes five options: $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, or $5.

The game starts after you place your wager and the first and third cards are revealed. If you like the way the hand looks just from those two cards, you have the option of wagering more credits in hopes of earning a special bonus bet with much higher payouts for three high hands. All told, you have four chances to place additional wagers, with each additional bet revealing another card.
If you choose not to raise your bet, you can select the Deal All button and all of your seven cards will be revealed.

Your goal in this game is to build the best possible five card hand out of the seven you are dealt. As the cards are revealed, you’ll see whether or not you hold a winning hand. Here is the payout table for winning hands in 7 Stud Poker at Grand Parker:

  • Royal Flush pays out 2,000
  • 5 of a Kind pays out 1,500
  • Straight Flush pays out 1,000
  • 4 of a Kind pays out 200
  • Full House pays out 100
  • Flush pays out 60
  • Straight pays out 40
  • 3 of a Kind pays out 20

If you manage to put together one of the winning hands listed above, you’ll be given the option of entering a special Double or Nothing Bonus Round.

If you choose to double down, you’ll be presented with six cards face up and one face down. You’ll be asked to choose whether the hidden card is high (meaning eight through King) or low (meaning Ace through seven). If you select the right one, you’ll double your winnings. That means you have a 50% chance of guessing right and doubling your prize.

The game also includes a Bonus Bet feature. This is a side bet that players have the option of making at the start of each hand. It pays out on three hands only, and the pay table looks like this:

  • Royal Flush pays out 17,250
  • Straight Flush pays out 6,000
  • 4 of a Kind pays out 2,325

All told, 7 Stud Poker is one of the more complex-looking titles, but really it is very simple, requiring very little video poker skill to win. The 50-50 Double or Nothing Round gives you a chance at winning a lot more cash, and the Bonus Bet rewards high hands even more handsomely. For people who like video poker with lots of side bets and bonus action, 7 Stud Poker is a great game. If you prefer more traditional video poker, stick to one of the classics, such as Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better.

Grand Parker Casino may not have the largest collection of video poker titles to choose from, but nineteen unique games is nothing to scoff at. Fans of poker machine gambling have plenty of options in terms of what title to pick, a collection that should keep you entertained for hours at a time.