Casino Club Video Poker Review

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100% up to €200

Casino Club

First Deposit Bonus 100% up to €200
  • Fantastic Bonuses and VIP Comp Rewards
  • Reload Bonuses Available Up to €2000
  • Play Video Poker in GBP or Euros
Casino Club Highlights
  • Unique Versions of Video Poker Available
  • Play for as little as 1p up to €10 per hand
  • Monthly Draws with Cash Prizes or Free Trips
Casino Club Highlights
  • This Casino Does Not Accept US Players
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    Casino Club
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    NetEnt, Boss Media
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    0800-170 03 48
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    100% up to €200
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    N/A - Use Links
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Full Casino Club Video Poker Review

Casino Club video poker is going to be a major departure from what most online gamblers are used to. That’s because CasinoClub uses software from GTECH G2 and GameAccount, both development companies out of the United Kingdom. Casino Club happens to be owned by the GVC Holdings Plc, which is based out of the Isle of Man. As you probably already know, encountering an online casino with a different software producer means you’re likely to find one or two video poker games you’ve never played before. That’s the case with Casino Club video poker.

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Players will find 11 different games offered at Casino Club, which isn’t extraordinary for the online gambling industry. What is notable is the fact several of these games are stumpers from a video poker player’s perspective. No doubt, some of the game titles are those you would expect to find, such as jacks or better, deuces wild, bonus poker, joker poker, joker poker multi-hand, and tens or better. Others might stump you when trying to figure out what the rules might be: cash climb poker, flush bonus poker, poker joker’s vault, spot of luck, and triple ace poker. Since you’re less likely to know what these video poker variants are, I’m going to focus on them mainly.

Cash Climb Video Poker – Cash Climb video poker is a games from GTECH G2 which has a 52-card deck with no wild cards. The coin denominations range between 25 cents and $5.00 and include 4 denominations in total. Cash Climb video poker encourages players to play for the flush, because this hand activates the “Cash Climb bonus mode”. In this mode, players can collect free hands which have multipliers for wins. The top prize is 20 free hands with a 7x multiplier, meaning any given winning hands pays out seven times what it normally would.

Flush Bonus Poker – Flush bonus video poker follows the same concept. This game, also from GTECH G2, also has a bonus round triggered when you hit the flush. In this case, the coin options range between 20 cents and $5.00, while the deck has 52 cards and no wild cards.

Hit the flush and you activate the “Fever Bonus” feature. In the fever round, you win 5x the original bet any time you receive a card of the same suit as the flush which triggered the bonus game. So if you trigger the bonus mode with a hearts-flush, then you’ll get a bonus every time hearts come up in the bonus game.

The bonus game has 7 free hands, so this is 35 cards in order to collect 5x the bet. Remember that any flush activates the fever mode, so a flush, straight flush, or royal flush triggers this action.

Spot of Luck Video Poker – Spot of luck video poker from GTECH G2 has two wild cards: the cards with the leprechaun on them. The leprechaun not only substitutes for any other card in the deck, but any hand won with the leprechaun card is doubled. Remember that it takes a three of a kind or better to build a winning hand, which is in keeping with many wild card video poker games.

Triple Ace Video Poker – The triple-ace video poker gives you more money anytime you receive a three of a kind, full house, or four of a kind using aces. These 3 of a kind hands are worth 4x the amount of a standard three of a kind. The full house pays out at 2.5x more than the standard full house, if it contains aces. The four of a kind pays out at 2x the standard rate.

Joker’s Vault Video Poker – The joker’s vault video poker game provides 1 wild card (the joker), which introduces the wild royal flush and 5 of a kind into the pay table. The wild royal flush pays out at 2400x the bet (the same as a standard royal flush), while the 5 of a kind pays out at 1960x the original wager. Due to the inclusion of a wild card, payouts begin at two pairs. If you receive a pair of jacks, queens, kings, or aces, you don’t receive a payout.

Casino Club Video Poker Review – Players can see a pattern with these new video poker games from GTECH G2 and Casino Club. These five new variants of video poker tend to have players chasing after high hands like flushes and four of a kind hands, but they have enough variety that players can experience a new set of challenges.

If you prefer the traditional games, Casino Club offers enough of the traditional games like jacks or better that you won’t feel out of place. Keep in mind Casino Club is a site for European and UK players, because US players (and gamblers from dozens of other countries worldwide) are not accepted. The European, British Commonwealth, and Asian players who are welcomed should find a video poker experience much different than the ones they’re used to.