Best Online Casinos includes over 2,000 published pages and over 600 news posts about the online casino industry. With over 2.5 million words on-site, readers might wonder who writes for our website. Our staff of writers, editors, and webmasters has changed over the years.

Below, you’ll find bios on our current staff, along with background about this site’s past. This About Us page also provides legal disclaimers and privacy policy information.

Meet Our Team

There’s no way this site would exist without a team of writers. So we’ve put together an amazing team of content creators that have years of experience between them. Here are our primary editorial staff and details on what they contribute to the site.

About Our Authors

  • John Marsh – John enjoys games of skill the most, such as blackjack and poker. But he’s definitely not above playing the Iron Man or Hulk slot machines when duty calls. Most of our game rules and strategy pages were written by Mr. Marsh.
  • Cliff Spiller – Cliff Spiller was the news writer from 2013 to 2019. He’s a 15-year veteran of the online gambling industry and is now an editor for our site, bringing the same dedication he provided in hundreds of blog posts. Cliff focuses on state gambling laws and slot reviews these days. When not playing casino games online, Cliff enjoys board games, movie reviews, and sports. He’s a long-suffering fan of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Brian Parker – If you’re reading about a specific casino or about what casinos you can play at on your iPad or Android phone, chances are high that you’re reading Brian’s work. He loves reviewing new casinos. We’re guessing that has something to do with being able to play the games while he’s “working.”

About Our News Team

Our news blog is one of the most active parts of BOC. James Guill works tirelessly to bring players the latest news from the online casino world.

  • James Guill – James is our news writer. This takes a lot of effort, as he has to keep an eye out for news, research the legitimacy of each story and write about it fast enough that, by the time you read it, it’s not yesterday’s news. Since 2019, James has included a “Game of the Week” among his news stories. Mr. Guill is an experienced poker writer with a strong presence on Twitter.

This covers what you see on the website. But we also have several others handling the various unseen aspects of building a website of this magnitude. Combined we (easily) have more than 50 years of experience in casino gaming.

About Us

Those who want to know about our site’s history and our mission statement should read our About Us page.