Sportech and Sportradar Announce U.S. Sports Betting Venture

Thursday, June 7th, 2018 | Written by April Bergman
Sportech and Sportradar Announce U.S. Sports Betting Venture

Sportech, the international betting technology business, and Sportradar, the global leader in sports data and providing real-time digital statistics content, announced this week a commercial betting deal for operations in the United States. The joint venture between the two companies should attract sportsbook operators in need of world-class technical and data support.

When they announced the deal on May 31, Sportradar and Sportech said they plan to bring “sports betting solutions” to American sportsbook operations. Sportradar is the world leader in sports data, providing support to the NFL, NBA, NHL, and major European sports leagues.

Sportech provides sports betting technology to 90 different sportsbooks throughout the world. Sportech offers pre-match sports wagers, handicapping content, risk management services, trading tools, and in-play betting or live betting services to bookmaker operations.

Sportech CEO Andrew Gaughn touted the deal, saying, “We are very pleased to have forged this agreement with Sportradar, a global leader in sports event data, monitoring, and integrity and an official partner for the NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, and more.”

How the Sportech-Sportradar Deal Works

The two have teamed up under the agreement that Sportech will have access to offer Sportradar’s trading and risk management services, along with the company’s comprehensive range of tools and services for legal sports betting. These services will be available to licensed operators in the developing U.S. sports betting marketplace.

Sportech wanted to join with a US supplier for the past five months. Once the US Supreme Court lifted the ban on sports betting in the United States, it was incumbent that Sportech find a partner quickly. Besides the various other services Sportradar offers, Sportech also announced their plans to deploy Sportradar’s turnkey sports betting platform in Connecticut — once the state legislature of Connecticut passes the necessary legislation and approves sportsbook licenses for the two.

Andrew Gaughn on Sportradar’s Services

Andrew Gaughn added, “We are thrilled to expand our product line to include Sportradar’s globally recognized sports betting capability, and we are poised to deliver a world class sports betting experience to our business clients across the US and within our 16 Connecticut locations and through our online and mobile channels, when legislation permits.”

After offering years of service in Las Vegas, Sportradar now can expand its network to the broader legalized sports betting landscape within the United States.

Neale Deeley Praises Sportech

Neale Deeley, the VP of Game Sales at Sportradar, said of the deal, “We’re excited to partner with Sportech, a company that shares our vision of how the US betting market will unfold and who are well positioned to capitalize on that market with existing gaming licenses and a strong customer base.”

“Our turnkey solutions and market leading bookmaker services will accelerate their sportsbook offering and provide them with a strong advantage as other states pass sports betting legislation.”

About Sportech

Sportech PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange and provides technology solutions for some of the world’s top gaming companies, sports teams, horse, and greyhound racetracks. The company also owns and operates its own gaming venues at the moment, which are located in Connecticut.

The Sportech Group is the international betting technology business which focuses on highly regulated markets throughout the world. The company has over 27,000 betting terminals installed worldwide and has bookmaker deals with more than 400 clients. Sportech‘s client network is spread across 37 countries, including those in the United States. Sportech operates under 35 licences, across 37 States, and processes roughly $12 billion in sports bets annually.

Over the last five years, Sportech has invested over $60 million towards developing its technology services to offer to clients as well as the successful expansion of its leading US gaming Venues. Their years of innovation and hard work has resulted in the company’s patented Quantumâ„¢ product, which is globally the most widely deployed pari-mutuel betting system.

About Sportradar

Sportradar is a global leader in sports data and digital content. The company provide “cutting-edge solutions and services” to media companies, bookmakers, sports federations, and state authorities. Sportradar is an international organization which employs over 2,000 people in more than 30 locations worldwide.

Over the past few years, Sportradar has experienced rapid growth and success due to technological innovation. The company has a reputation for attention to detail, as well as an understanding of their many clients’ business needs.

On its website, the company states, “It is our commitment to excellent service, quality and reliability that makes us the trusted partner of more than 1000 companies in over 100 countries. We occupy a unique position at the intersection of the sports, media and betting industries.”

Sportradar is the leading provider of live data services to the betting industry. Sportradar’s Live Channel gives access to round-the-clock coverage of live sports content, which are available on betting websites and in betting shops worldwide. This service provides clients with a huge advantage over the competition.

Besides the live data services, Sportradar provides virtual sports content and sports betting games with customizable solutions to give clients the best quality possible – the so-called turnkey solutions to gaming. Sportradar also offers the best bet monitoring services to sports federations and law enforcement agencies, which helps those groups fight against match-fixing.