Texas Hold'em

At one point or another we have all wanted to play Texas Hold ‘Em. We have seen how cool it looks in the movies and how rewarding your winning hand might be. If you are interested in playing the game, here are some cool tips and tricks complied by us at BestOnlineCasinos.com to get you through your first games as a beginner.

What you’ll need

First thing you need is a full 52 card deck, anywhere between 2 and 20 people and some sort of stakes, like money or poker chips. Once you have everything you need you are ready to get started and here is how it goes.

The game

The first two people directly on the left-hand side of the dealer place blind bets. The first person closest to the dealer places a small blind, whereas the second player on the dealers left places a big blind, it has to be twice the amount as the small blind.

Each person is given 2 cards, both up-side down. They are known as pocket cards or hole cards.

The person directly left of the big blind is the first person to make a move. With the ability to fold if the cards are weak, raise it if the cards are strong or call the blind. In order to raise the bet, a bet that is double the blind is required in order to continue the game of play. Then in a clockwise fashion the game continues.

Once the first rounds of bets have been placed, there cards are placed upside down in the middle of the table, this is known as the board. The three cards are known as the flop. These cards are for everyone to use in hopes of finding the perfect combination during the game in order to have the best possible hand.

Get betting (or cracking!)

The betting starts with the person directly to the dealers left. From here they can either bet or check. The players following the first person must check or bet if no bet has been made yet. They can raise the bet, call or fold if another person has already folded.

The fourth card is placed facing up into the center of the board. This is commonly known as the turn card or more formally as fourth street.

Once all of this has happened, another turn around the table is made for the next round of bets.

The last card is placed facing up. This is commonly known as fifth street or the more formal name of the river.

The last round for betting then occurs. All the players still at the table who haven’t folded, place their cards upwards in order to see who has the best five card combination by putting their own cards along with the pocket cards. The best hand then wins the round.

The next round then passes to the person who is directly left of the last person to place the small blind bet.

These are some of the fundamental rules of Texas Hold ‘Em poker which everyone should keep in mind the next time they play.

Best Hands for Texas Hold ‘Em

One Pair – One matching set of the same card with 3 cards that do not match

Two Pair – Two cards with similar sets or different pairings all in the same hand.

Royal Flush – This is the best hand to have, consisting of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and a 10 all of the same suit.

High Card – NO cards that match what so ever, in no particular order and at least two different kinds of suits. 

Straight Flush – Five cards all of the same suit, in a row.

Four of a Kind – The exact same card all from the different suits.

Full House –A pair of cards with three of kind all in the same hand.

Flush –Five cards all of the same suits, but do not have to be in order.

Straight –Five cards that are in order but not of the same suit.

Three of a Kind –Three cards of the similar number and two cards that do not pair with anything else.

Tips and Tricks

Before you begin, be sure to see what your best winning hands are so you are able to judge for yourself whether or not to bet or fold. This will also increase your mind to the fact on whether or not you have a horrible hand in itself. This will simply make you a better player who can understand the game from the start.

Once you have the very basic ideas on how to play, start to learn on seating arrangements. Where you sit can either affect you in a horrible way making you lose big or you can find the right spot for you and start to win in a big way.

Remember to keep a poker face the entire time you play, play well and remember the basic rules and you shouldn’t have a problem from the get-go. Texas Hold ‘Em is extremely fun a should be played a couple times in order to feel the full benefits of the game.

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