One of Two Alleged Suspects in Gambling Den Rape-and-Robbery Case Is Arrested

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 | Written by April Bergman
One of Two Alleged Suspects in Gambling Den Rape-and-Robbery Case Is Arrested

One of two suspects in a rape-and-robbery case at a gambling den in the Puchong State of India has been arrested. The other suspect alleged to have robbed a Bandar Kinrara, Puchong gambling den remains on the loose.

Though his name has not been released by Indian authorities, the police spokesman said that a 26-year old man was detained on Sunday in Kuala Selangor. Serdang OCPD Assistant Commissioner Megat Mohamad Aminuddin Megat Alias said that police continue to search for the other suspect in the same area.

Police Commissioner Gives News Conference

Megat Mohamad Aminuddin Megat Alias gave a press conference on Monday to inform the public about a news story which had gone viral over the weekend. The assistant police commissioner said, “We are still looking for the remaining suspect.

The case went viral on the Indian Internet when a video clip showed two men entering a gambling operation in Bandar Kinrara. The men apparently entered to rob the gaming operation, but the video showed the men later forcing themselves on a female worker. The shop owner said he believed the men originally wanted to rob the place, though that is unconfirmed.

Owner Reported the Crime 2 Days Later

The shop owner said the crime happened on Thursday, but he went to the police with evidence on Saturday. Police confiscated the video recording as evidence. Later, it was used to raise awareness of the crime.

Along the way, photos of two criminal suspects went viral, though ACP Megat said that the two men in the photos were not the suspects. Megat said of the photos, “That is a different case.”

Robbers Assaulted a Female Cashier

The woman who was assaulted was a cashier at the gambling den, which some outlets referred to as an entertainment center. The 4-minute video showed the two men taking turns sexually assulting the cashier in a hidden corner of the outlet.

Video Spread via WhatsApp

The CCTV footage began to circulate online via the WhatsApp application. Inaccurate photos of the alleged suspects made the rounds, too. By noon of the day it was shared, the footage had received over 7,000 shares on social media.

Indian citizens who saw the online video called for the alleged suspects to be heavily punished for their crime. ACP Megat said soon after that a task force had been put together to positively identify the suspects and victims. The task force also looked for exculpatory evidence at the site of the crime.

Illegal Gambling Den

Most forms of brick-and-mortar gambling are illegal in India, except in a handful of provinces. That might be why the owner of the entertainment center waited two days to alert police to the crime. It is unknown if the staff decided to file a complaint after the sexual assault video was found. Such crimes are often not reported in India, due to social stigma.

The case highlights the controversial nature of sex crimes in India. In certain cases where gang rapes occurred on public transit vehicles, certain citizens would blame the women for wearing revealing clothing. In those same case, public outrage at the brazen nature of the crimes turned the cases into international news.

The case also highlights the dangers of underground gambling. Unregulated gaming of any sort is more dangerous for the gambler, because crimes of any sort often go unreported. In regulated gambling destinations, police often provide security and the owners are considered legitimate local business people, so they confer with authorities on a regular basis. Illicit gaming dens thus are a natural target for robbers, who think their crimes might go unreported.