Limpopo Gambling Board the 2nd South African State Regulator

Friday, November 24th, 2017 | Written by April Bergman
Limpopo Gambling Board the 2nd South African State Regulator

The State of Limpopo in South Africa now regulates and licenses gambling operations, making it the second South African state with a gaming regulator. For years, the National Gambling Board (NGB) was the only regulator, but the Limpopo Gambling Board joins the West Cape Gambling and Racing Board as a state licensing commission now.

Gambling in South Africa has been a constant changing institution for decades now. From 1673 until 1965, the nation’s gambling industry was restricted. In the Apartheid Era, South Africa had even stricter policies – at least for several decades. South Africa’s Gambling Act of 1965 officially banned all forms of gambling, with the exception of horserace betting which was then considered a sporting activity.

A huge change came for the South African nation when a new democratic government came to power in 1994. At that time, all forms of gambling were legalized. In 1996, the National Gambling Act created a network of licensed casinos and a national lottery. Horse racing was no longer considered a sporting activity and was proclaimed a gambling activity.

Who Regulates South African Gambling?

These days, South Africa’s gambling regulations can be a little confusing. In 2005, another administration took control and instituted regressive policies against gambling. The National Gambling Board went from regulations to outright bans.

The NGB is responsible for regulating many land-based gaming facilities. The NGB oversees horse racing, bingo, and slot machines at 40 casinos nationwide. The majority of gambling institutions not regulated by them are illegal.

Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board

For the past couple of years, the Western Cape regulates online gambling. Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board oversees land-based gambling, online and mobile gambling, and social gaming in the West Cape. This regulator takes care of the outsiders not regulated by the National Gambling Board.

All of South Africa’s nine provinces have a gambling and racing board. To be able to offer online betting, bookies must be licensed by one of the nine boards. Today the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (WCGRB) is largest provider of online bookmaker licenses. These are the only online betting sites South Africa residents can use legally.

Limpopo Gambling Board

Now thrown into the mix is the Limpopo Gambling Board. They are soon to be joining the group of regulators supporting South Africa. They will be similar to the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board in that they will mainly oversee the outsiders that don’t fall under the National Gambling Commissions Licensing and regulations.

The Limpopo Gambling Board foresees a credible, viable and regulated gambling industry. They want to provide an environment full of exciting leisure opportunities that will in turn contribute to economic development.

The commission’s mission is to operate in accordance with the utmost moral and ethical standards. They want to ensure their highest level of support and responsibilities towards their employees while maximizing the development and utilization of their institution. And lastly to strive towards maintaining a healthy relationship with our stakeholders.

LGC’s Mission Statement

Limpopo said in a press release that it wants to promote a culture of responsible gambling in their network, as well as to ensure the “utmost strict eradication” of any and all forms of illegal gambling.

The newly created commission said it wants to encourage development of the gaming industry. The commission wants to build an organization capable of recruiting, retaining, continuously developing its workforce, while aiming to enhance its effectiveness as a unit as well as with their employee well-being.

The commission also wants to ensure the availability of real time information using technology for support in daily decision-making processes for their employees and customers. To guarantee the commission’s board maintains appropriate procedures focuses on fairness, equability, transparency, competitiveness, and low costs. The Gambling Commission of Limpopo also said it wants to ensure that they will plan and utilize limited resources economically, efficiently, and effectively.

The question of which types of gaming ventures Limpopo plans to license and regulate remains in question. Land-based gaming developments appear to be on the agenda. Western Cape continues to license online gambling operations, so in the year head, South African gaming enthusiasts will watch to see if Limpopo allows online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites within the state’s boundaries.