Introducing the 2014 November Nine: The Final Table of the WSOP Main Event

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 | Written by April Bergman
Introducing the 2014 November Nine: The Final Table of the WSOP Main Event

The November Nine has been unveiled for the 2014 WSOP Main Event. This year’s event had 6,683 entrants, which were eliminated down to 9 remaining contestants on July 15. The final table begins on November 10 at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada.

The list of contestants this year is full of intrigue. The field has cash game professionals, a foosball world champion, a flamboyant Brazilian, an aggressive live circuit player, and a returning member of last year’s November Nine. Below is a quick recap of the 9 people still active in the WSOP Main Event.

Jorryt van Hoof – Chip Stack: 38.375 Million

Jorryt van Hoof has a reputation as a cash-game specialist who enjoys online poker. Van Hoof has played professionally for 10 years. He also owns a poker training site. To prepare for the November Nine, he’ll be in contact with Michiel Brummelhuis, the Dutchman who led the chip stack at this time last year.

Asked about his meteoric rise in the final 18 players, van Hoof said, “”It’s been amazing. I ran hot and there were a few bubbles that I could make (things happen during). When we were down to 18, I wasn’t happy with my table draw, but I won some good hands, got some chips and things went really well from there.

Van Hoof wasn’t even planning to play in the WSOP this year, but he made his fateful decision just days before the event. The Dutch pro ssaid, “This year, Vegas really pulled me. I booked a last-minute flight. I came here a few days before. I decided in the moment that I wanted to go to Vegas.

Felix Stephensen – Chip Stack: 32.775 Million

Felix Stephensen is the youngest player remaining, while he was the least accomplished entering the even. Before entering the WSOP Main Event, Stephensen has won only $22,118 in his online poker career. The Norwegian also doesn’t like live tournament poker, so he he’s never played the European Tour circuit events.

Despite his lack of experience, Felix Stephensen had to play the Main Event this year, after making Day 3 of the 2013 event (his first appearance at the WSOP). “I’m feeling pretty good. This is pretty exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever been part of something this major. When it’s so much up top and it’s life-changing money, you kind of get tempted to [play in the WSOP Main Event]. If it works out, it’s worth it.

Though anyone making it through seven gruelling days of poker must have skills, Stephensen says he has had an incredible run of luck in the tournament so far. He added, “This is what every poker player dreams about. This is it.

Mark Newhouse – Chip Stack: 26 Million

Mark Newhouse is the talk of the poker world these days. Newhouse, who has a World Poker Tour win to his credit, made the final table of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event. Making the November Nine two years in a row is considered next-to-impossible in the post-boom era.

Newhouse hopes to go much further than he did a year ago, when he finished in 9th place. Coming into the November Nine with the 3rd-largest chip stack and a year to strategize, Mark Newhouse should be a difficult “out” in 2014.

Andoni Larrabe – Chip Stack: 22.550 Million

Andoni Larrabe is a 22 year old live circut player. After turning 18, Larrabe became a grinder on online pokersites. He was known as “pollopopeye” on the Internet. Andoni Larrabe won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure event in 2013 and won two Spring Championship of Online Poker events.

Andoni should provide some fireworks at the final table. He was aggressive in the final stages of Monday’s session, because he didn’t want to go into the final table as the short stack.

Dan Sindelar – Chip Stack: 21.2 Million

Dan Sindelar is a veteran WSOP player and a Las Vegas mainstay. Sindalar has 18 World Series of Poker cashes, including 4 in the 2014 WSOP tournament.

Dan Sindelar moved from Nebraska to Las Vegas six years ago. Since Black Friday, he has played in live cash games, though he appears in tournaments from time to time. This is his 7th World Series of Poker Main Event.

William Pappaconstantinou – Chip Stack: 17.5 Million

Billy Pappas is a master foosball player, claiming multiple foosball world championships. His world champion status should help the 29 year old Pappaconstantinou with the nerves, but he is the only amateur remaining in the field. He won’t be playing poker much in the next few months. Instead, he’ll be traveling with friends.

Will Tonking – Chip Stack: 15.05 Million

Will Tonking is a live and online player in the New Jersey area. Tonking won $50,000 on recently, while he also finished in the money at this year’s mixed-max rent. When asked about the pressure of playing in the biggest tournament, Will Tonking says it’s still just poker and he’s reminded of Gene Hackman’s scene in Hoosiers where he points out the distance from the foul strip: “Still ten feet, gentlemen.”

Martin Jacobson – Chip Stack: 14.9 Million

Martin Jacobson has been a contender in this World Series of Poker Main Event from the beginning. He was the chip leader after Day 1A and after Day 6. In Day 7, Jacobson did not get into too many big showdowns, which is why his opponents surpassed him in the chip stack rankings–though this might also explain why Jacobson is still in the tournament.

Jacobson’s World Series of Poker this year has been a marathon. He’s played in 27 of the 65 events and finished with winnings in 3 of them. Martin Jacobson is known to play in the mega-high roller cash games around the globe.

Bruno Politano – Chip Stack: 12.125 Million

Bruno Politano should have one of the most vocal set of fans entering the November Nine. Brazil is experiencing serious disappointment at the latter stages of the 2014 World Cup, so the country needs a hero. Brazil is also going through a poker boom at the moment, so Politano should be well-placed to become a celebrity back in his native Brazil. In his poker career, Politano has had $110,054 in career tournament earnings.