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Poker is still and will always be one of the most beloved table games in all of gambling history. The game truly is spectacular and has yielded a number of variations each with differing strategies that can be used. One such version of poker is Live 3 card poker, casinos have quickly realized that in order to appeal to the masses of gaming enthusiasts they need to offer their players variety but also an all-encompassing gaming experience. As such, many casinos have introduced variations of live poker including multi-player poker, multi-deck poker and multi-hand poker. One such variety is 3-card poker.

It is known that the standard Poker casino experience tends to feature a gameplay of 5 cards. However, one epic variant of poker incorporates the use of 3 cards instead. This version is of course famously known as L3 Card Poker and since the rise of the internet and technology there is just no limit to how casino games can be enjoyed. Numerous gaming developers are priding themselves providing players transformative and innovative gaming experiences, and revolutionized gameplay. The gaming software developers have taken one of casino universe’s most beloved games and turned it upside its head.

Live 3 Card Poker comes in many different forms impressive gaming quality through its flawless design, seamless efficiency and intriguing and thrilling gameplay experience. If you are a fan of traditional 5 Card Poker, then this may be a whole new vibe for you to engage in. There’s a number of gaming developers, who have created their own versions of this game. These include Evolution gaming, RNG Games, Microgaming, and SG Interactive have all put out 3-card live poker offerings each with their own distinct designs and presentation. However, the basics of 3-card poker are all induced into each developers offering. Evolution Gaming for example, have used streaming tech developments to their advantage and have created a safe place for unlimited number of players to enjoy their creation.

How to play 3-Card poker: rules

One of the best elements of 3 Card Poker is that it packs all the punches of regular poker, minus two cards. It’s a strategy driven game, which moves with immense speed and intention. It also makes for a fun online casino experience all the way from the comforts of your own home. As a newbie to poker, this is also a great baseline for you to master before you move on to the bigger leagues. Due to the fact that there are fewer cards, the gameplay becomes far more simplistic and much easier to grasp and follow. The chosen live dealers are experienced croupiers who have worked at various casinos and have training and skills to back them up.

As is the same with land-based poker all players playing are competing against the dealer whose gameplay strategy us to land a “Queen High” to play. Other gameplay features include an Ante bonus for players who score a Straight or better hand, regardless of what the dealer’s hand looks like. Other bets include the Six Card and Pair Plus Bonus which allow you to earn massive payouts of up to 1000 to 1 odds, again disregarding the dealer’s hand. These bets are separate from each other and are only ranked at the end of the round each offering you an opportunity to score a win. There are also different payouts depending on the bonus bet/round being played. A Pair Plus bonus bet specifically grants the player odds of 100 to 1 should they be the winning hand. The Six Card bonus consists of a Three of a Kind or better and is the highest paying hand at odds of 1000 to 1.

The Pair Plus Bonus Bet offers payouts as follows:

  • Mini Royal 100 for 1
  • Straight Flush 40 for 1
  • Three of a Kind 30 for 1
  • Straight 5 for 1
  • Flush 4 for 1
  • Pair 1 for 1

The Six Card Bonus Bet offers payouts as follows:

  • Royal Flush 1000 for 1
  • Straight Flush 200 for 1
  • Four of a Kind 100 for 1
  • Full House 20 for 1
  • Flush 15 for 1
  • Straight 10 for 1
  • Three of a Kind 7 for 1

Exploring the game: gameplay tips to live by

A good understanding of poker will certainly help when taking on Live 3 Card Poker initially. There is plenty of great tips and tricks related to poker on our site so be sure to check that out. These include poker strategies and understanding the different winning hand combinations and what they mean against a dealer.

One of the best advantages of playing Live 3 Card Poker is the opportunity to play against an endless number of other players from all over the planet. You really get to enjoy and incredible community of poker enthusiasts who are just like you. Developers also offer mobile versions of their games which makes it rather convenient. The disadvantage for this game is for those who are looking for a challenge may find this variant a little underwhelming.  Live 3 Card Poker is a great simplistic alternative to other variations of online poker as it offers players the opportunity to play against a real professional dealer as well as be part of community of other players.

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