GambleRock: an online Gambling forum for the American market

There is simply no denying that the online gambling market in the United States has been on the up take since the supreme court ruled that online sports gambling could be legalized by states who vote to do so. Since the ruling states such as New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania have all signed up to offer their citizens online gambling services. The result of this has been felt throughout each state, especially financially. American states and provinces who have legalized some form of online gambling, and especially those who legalized sports betting have been seeing huge economic improvements since the legalization of these activities. In the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Nevada alone, up to $9 billion has been raised in less than two years since these states made online gambling legal.

The up rise of the online gambling market in the US has also resulted in the first ever American Gambling Awards formed by The awards were launched in March of 2019 with nominees being accepted from April. The awards were held on June 18 and looked to honor all those companies, and organizations making an impact on the progression and forward movement of the American online gambling industry. It seems that America is finally willing to put its hair down with relation to online gambling. An initiative that has certainly been a long time coming, an initiative that is also still under great protest from government leaders and even the President himself. There has been a huge resistance in American legislation to forward the legalization of online gambling. Some siting the morality complex of the idea while others arguing that jobs will be leaving the country while various business people and organizations with stakes in land-based casinos seem to be afraid to lose their wealth. However, the truth remains, no matter how much the country tries to halt the progression of online gambling it seems like the initiative is progressing on. With this, GambleRock was born, essentially the first ever U.S based i-gaming community.

The need for an online gambling community

It may seem a little outdated or even behind the times for other territories who have had online gambling communities for years. However, considering that the American market has only now been set to first gear, there is a general need for such a community to exist. GambleRock is fast becoming one of the most active and interactive online gambling forums on he internet. The site has become the home of gamblers throughout the US who are now starting to experience the incredible universe of online gambling, or at least doing so legally. The site however doesn’t just feature a community of gamblers and gambling fans but also includes online sports books, gaming affiliate providers, virtual classrooms and virtual casinos. It is the go-to place for potential online affiliates to sign up as well as share their various affiliate programs in order to attract high-quality affiliate partners. It’s a great platform for affiliates to build business connections with casino sites and suppliers as they have the ability to create business profiles for websites on GambleRock in order to be visible to potential brands and operators.

The site also includes a dynamic WordPress blogging software where potential affiliates can post about various gambling content and be able to market it to their community of readers and potential casino members. Online casino players will be able to engage with content from bloggers and gamers who are reviewing or discussing various aspects of the online gambling community including casino games such as slots, poker, table games, bingo, sports betting, video gaming and many other areas of interest. The site includes “top-10” lists on casinos, casino bonuses, casino games, mobile casinos and casino features. These lists help players see which operators and gaming developers are offering the best of the best within the growing US online gambling market.

It’s a place to also lay out your complaints

The great thing about GambleRock is that it is indeed a forum that is for the “online casino player”. It’s a platform that allows players to consume important information about the market but also be able to contribute to. The site allows players with complaints on any casino or sports bookie to share their problems in the site’s complaints forum. It is also a given that given the growing popularity of this site, it will become one very important channel for players to have their grievances heard and dealt with. Kind of like the “hello peter” in online gambling. US operators and brands will ultimately be forced to pay attention to the happenings within this forum, especially the complaints from. Given the “newness” of online gambling in the US no company wants to be viewed as incompetent or not caring about their players concerns as such, we see operator engagement with players growing exponentially as the site grows.

It’s basically like social media, but for gambling

GambleRock also features a profile for all members and contributors to the site. This means players, affiliates, bloggers, operators and brands and suppliers will have their own public profiles that can be viewed by all site users and members of Gamble Rock. Users will also be able to follow all the profiles they wish to and also be able to private message user accounts. Although the site focuses on the US market, UK and Irish players will also be able to find helpful resources on the site.

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