Bet365 Sponsors 10 Football Clubs in La Liga

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 | Written by April Bergman
Bet365 Sponsors 10 Football Clubs in La Liga

Bet365 signed a sponsorship deal with 10 different football clubs in La Liga, the top Spanish football league. With match-ups being what they are, the UK online bookmaker will have its name displayed prominently in virtually every major Spanish football match. La Liga features 20 teams each season.

The squads sponsored by Bet365 will be Athletic Bilbao, Real Vallodolid, Espanyol, SD Eibar, Getafe, Real Betis, Celta Vigo, SD Huesca, and Royal Vallecano. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, the league’s most famous and successful teams, are not involved in the deal.

The Bet365 logo will be seen on the club’s websites, social media pages, buses, stadiums, and other facilities. Bet365’s brand will not be seen on the clubs’ jerseys.

For years, Bet365 sponsored Stoke City in the English Premier League. For the first time in 10 years, Stoke City had such a bad season that it was relegated down from the EPL. That presented a huge problem for Bet365, which depends on association football sponsorships to keep its name in the public eye.

La Liga: World Top’s Football League?

La Liga might not have quite the public exposure around the globe that the English Premier League does, but it is a close second. Also, La Liga clubs consistently have been the best in Europe over the past 10 or so years.

For instance, a Spanish club has won the last 5 UEFA Champions League finals (European Cup) — the biggest European tournament each year. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid each have four European Cup finals since 2005-2006 apiece. Also, a Spanish club has won 6 of the last 9 EUFA Europa League (formerly EUFA Cup) finals and 9 of the last 15 Europa League finals — the second-most important annual football tournament in Europe.

La Liga Sponsorships by UK Bookmakers

Bet365 rivals also have sponsorships in La Liga. Betfair sponsors FC Barcelona, while Codere sponsors Real Madrid. Betway sponsors Legabes, Levante, and Alaves. Bwin sponsors Atletico Madrid and Valencia. That represents 17 of the 20 La Liga teams or 85% of the league.

Because Bet365 accepts UK real money players but cannot accept players from Spain, it can be argued that any single Spanish football club is not as valuable as an English Premier League club like Stoke City. Having a 10-team sponsorship deal is going to allow Bet365 to blanket the Spanish soccer league. Those games are broadcast throughout Europe and around the globe — including Latin America and Asia, where Bet365 is active — so the sponsorship deal is valuable for the sportsbook, casino, and poker site.

Italian and Irish Gambling Ad Bans

The Bet365 sponsorship deal comes at a time when sports broadcast advertisements might become more sparse. The Italian government passed a ban on gambling company advertisements for Serie A clubs, meaning one of the biggest European football leagues will have no signage.

Ireland’s prime minister recently discussed a ban on sports franchise advertisements, as well. While the UK Gambling Commission allows betting ads, the United Kingdoms’s gaming regulator also has been cracking down on betting advertisements with big fines in the past couple of years.

Countries Where Bet365 Is Active

Advertising to the European football audience is a huge matter for the Bet365 Group. The gaming group, which owns a variety of sportsbooks, racebooks, poker sites, and online casinos, is active in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Russia, and most of the rest of Eastern Europe.

Canada and New Zealand accept Bet365, but Australia, South Africa, France, Italy, the United States, and Spain do not. China, India, and Japan do, which is another reason recognizable top flight football league advertising is important.