After 6 years, GTA Online Casino Finally Gets an Upgrade

For fans of Grand Theft Auto also better known as GTA there is some awesome news awaiting you. The casino has finally updated its site after more than half-a-decade of silence. If you head to the casino’s page today you’ll notice that some major changes have occurred. After 6 years of nothing new, it seems the once vacated basically abandon casino is being updated and upgraded. According to reports from data miners this seems to be just the beginning and the first in what is expected to be rounds of updates. GTA has many more changes in the pipelines. This news will be confirmed by Rockstar Games this weekend.

It has been 7 years since the GTA V and GTA online was launched back in 2013. When the casino first announced it was launching an online casino offering gambling fanatics were quick to notice the unused casino building. The building simply had a sign posted outside its doors stating “coming soon!” A sign that has spawned numerous casino memes as the years progressed and nothing was being done. The sign however, is now no longer there – this after a simple server-side update was made on GTA online earlier last week. A signal to many online players and GTA fans that things may be progressing, finally.

Rockstar Games fuels further excitement

Just this past weekend on June 15th Rockstar Games announced through Twitter that there is a new DLC coming to GTA 5 online sooner rather later. There has yet to be a release date confirmation set by the gaming studio who at the same time released news that they would be opening the doors to a brand new brick and mortar Luxury casino in Vinewood.

The announcement of a GTA online reboot and launch is setting the industry ablaze. With some regulatory bodies keeping a closer eye at how this new venture of betting within the confines of video games will roll-out. The concern is centred around how video game-based gambling will differ from gambling centric games such as slots and video table games. This is uncharted territory and may explain the reason why the release of GTA 5 online has been on hold for all this time.

There has been little to no information about released about how the game will incorporate gambling features to fit a more traditional online gambling casino style. There has been some serious speculation among fans who reckon that it will most likely be incorporated as some kind of nightclub or business that a player is able to operate during gameplay. This has been the norm in previous GTA video game versions – it is also a possibility that players will be able to gamble or play gambling games within these vicinities. These features are already incorporated in other video games such as Red Dead Redemption – which currently allows players to play cards with other players under the “multi-player function”.

With all the fan muttering and speculation going on it is no surprise that the idea of GTA 5 online launching is exciting news. The idea of combining Grand Theft Auto – one of the most popular video games of all time and the opportunity to make some wins through simply playing the game is of massive appeal to thousands of players, both gambling players and GTA players. There is absolutely no doubt that the feature will be successful and popular with all gaming enthusiasts. The Rockstar tweet announcing the launch has more than 7000 retweets accompanied by thousands of comments from fans celebrating and welcoming the news.

Let’s see where this goes, regulation wise

With all this excitement, it’s almost guaranteed that regulatory bodies will be keeping a close eye on GTA and they plan to incorporate gaming and gambling. There have been regulatory bodies rom certain countries who have expressed that they could decide to outlaw loot boxes with an argument that this combination of gaming and gambling could lead to children gambling. This of course is something both regulators and gaming providers are aware of. Most video games, especially games related to cars and speed tend to draw in a younger age of players. In most cases teenagers who are often not at the legal age of gambling. With newly imbedded and explicit gambling features in a video game such as GTA will certainly attract and entice younger players to want to participate, with regulating age restriction being extremely difficult for both regulators and gaming developers themselves.

One of the main reasons for outlawing loot boxes would be to prevent regulator’s concerns from happening. Loot Boxes make players pay real cash for access to special in-built game features. The items purchased through loot boxes can be re-sold for real money, a feature that regulators are worried resembles a form of gambling. Banning them will limit such in-game activities from taking place.

As GTA currently offers this feature, incorporating it into its casino online GTA game versions could draw in the unwanted attention from regulators and legislators. Given how much time Rockstar has spent – 6 years to be exact – they may have already developed a way to incorporate gambling without alerting and triggering the attention of regulators.

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