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With many new online slot games being released every year you may be wondering what is good and worth playing. We at BestOnlineCasinos.com have compiled a short list of which titles you should be keeping an eye out for.

Big Shots

Big Shots, the game that can make any one excited to play. Boasting luxury yachts and boats as a backdrop for the reels, it can make anyone feel as if they were meant to live the good life. A 6-reel gambling game with over 4000 possible ways to win.

With many different symbols you will be quite impressed with its 5 unique characters that make Big Shots feels exactly like its name suggests. Obtaining a diamond symbol should be your main goal, compliment that with a 6 on the payline and you can easily multiply your stake by 6.25

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality

With popular Avalanche technology, Pyramid: Quest for Immortality becomes a very easy and fun game to play. The more winning combos you achieve, the more space is opened up for new symbols. Every 3 successful Avalanche, the multiplier increases. Once you get to the maximum of 10 your chances of winning and getting more is a whole lot easier.

With very few features you may become deterred by the game but the ever-entertaining Avalanche technology will keep you coming back for more. You can make over 35,000 times your take if you are fortunate enough to keep the Avalanches rolling.

The Goonies

The Goonies, one very memorable movie form the 1980’s, is an online slot game too. So, relive your past but this time with amazing features and bonuses to win. With many mystery symbols, wilds, wild reels, free spins, cash prizes and a great deal more to offer, The Goonies has gone over and above to make sure they have one of the top game’s worth playing. With amazing visuals and played against the map from the movie, you will be filled with nostalgia.

To name a few of the amazing features this game has you will see the amazing detail put into the game just for you. One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost, Data’s Colossal Symbols features. With 12 amazing bonus features available, this game absolutely delivers. Its pristine designed well thought out in game bonuses, The Goonies is a definite must play.

Scrolls of Ra

Yet another online slot game based off of Egypt, with strong visuals of a beautiful temple and a great sense of atmosphere from the Arabian soundtrack you will be hooked to Scrolls of Ra very quickly. The symbols boast an array of ancient hieroglyphs and jewel encrusted playing cards. Obtaining the Ankh gives you 1000 coins for a simple 5 symbol combination.

The Eye of Horus is the wild. Free Spins will be triggered once you have got The Eye of Horus. The wild will fill the entire reel for total of 5 free spins, which is when you can win big and win well as you may trigger the Ra Bonus or the Scrolls bonus which can only be obtained during the free spins.

With yet another Egyptian style game, the smooth mechanics and the unique visuals that make it stand out, will make you love The Scrolls of Ra from the very first spin.

Volts and Bolts

In Volts and Bolts, you can look forward to a very fun and cartoony graphics theme which brings out your inner child. Dr Volt is the main focus of this awesome game, with the main storyline based in his wild and wonderous laboratory. You will not get bored of Volts and Bolts, the story alone is worth you playing the game for.

There are awesome prize winnings up for grabs, with features that make the wins all the more exciting and wonderful. Look out for the illusive robot symbols and high voltage reels, they are packed with action!


With yet another movie themed online slot game on the list, you may think this one cannot compare to the last one. You will be happily mistaken. Boasting many of the great elements from the movie to the game you will soon be in love again with Ted.

Bar Crawl Bonus, Super Mart Free Spins are some of the amazing features this game has to offer. There are still Ted Modifiers that are around to make the game even more awesome. With amazing visuals and a well thought out game, you will be ready to watch the movie again.

Hall of the Mountain King

Hall of the Mountain King is a medieval fantasy theme slot game. Inspired through Edvard Grieg’s classic piece, Hall of the Mountain King is stacked with many amazing details. Stacked wilds, multipliers and free spins are all part of this epic game. When you can win up to 7326 times your stake, you will be wondering why you haven’t started playing already.

With multiple stages and many bonuses to obtain throughout the game you will be soon to realize that you should be paying Hall of the Mountain King. You can win big and you can win well, the multiplier bonus is really what you should be looking for. Are you a fan of any of the abovementioned games? Let us know your thoughts on the games we compiled for you in the comments sections below.

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