Apple’s iPhone was first released in 2007 and the first iPhone casino app was released in 2010. The iPhone is Apple’s entry into the world of smartphones, and through all four current generations of iPhone, Apple’s smartphone has been a leader in the global mobile market. For years, the iPhone was the most popular and best-known smartphone, though heavy competition from Google’s Android phones has made the market a little more competitive in recent years.

The iPhone / iPad is your typical smartphone: you can make voice calls like with any mobile phone, but the iPhone’s Internet capability means you can also use the phone to send emails, text messages, and many other types of messages. The iPhone and iPad has a built-in media player for music and movies, a web browser to give you access to the Internet , a camera that allows you to take both photos and videos, and a library of applications or “apps” that make your phone even more useful. The iPad / iPhone uses a touch screen for all input, including a virtual keyboard.

Top iOS Casinos

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What Are iPhone / iPad Casinos?

Mobile gaming on the iPad or iPhone is the next big thing in online gambling. Both iPads and iPhones are gaining access to free and real money casino gambling apps and platforms put out by the biggest online casinos and other gaming entities. Traditional online casinos are trying to get into the mobile gaming market, releasing apps and iPhone-capable instant play games for use on your mobile device or smartphone.

iOS casinos give iPhone and iPad users the excitement and fun of casino gambling in the palm of their hand, available anywhere your iPhone can access the Internet. The portable nature of iPads & iPhones is the big draw for gamblers, who want to play their favorite slots, video poker titles, and casino classics like blackjack, roulette, bingo, and other games from their smartphone. Mobile gambling is fun and potentially lucrative. It is also the next big thing in online gambling, as sites scramble to provide smartphone gaming options to their customers.

iPhone and iPad Online Casino Games

When people first learn about iPad & iPhone mobile gambling, they’re curious about the types of games that iOS users have access to. The real money games available to iPad & iPhone users are very similar to traditional online casino gambling titles. Any game that exists at an online casino will eventually be available to iPhone and other smartphone users.

For now, the list of online casino games for money available to smartphone users is limited. Mobile gambling is relatively new, so new games and gambling venues are popping up all the time. As of this writing, you can play classics like blackjack, roulette, and even bingo and other specialty games, as well as casino gambling favorite like slots and video poker.

The latest trend in online gambling is the creation of iPhone & iPad versions of online casino favorites. Microgaming now makes their popular progressive slots title Mega Moolah available to smartphone and iPhone users. Mega Moolah offers big progressive jackpots that often run into the millions of dollars, and with access to Mega Moolah on your iPhone, you can chase the big progressive jackpots on your iPhone or other smartphone.

If you’re considering adding iPhone or iPad gambling to your online gaming options, know that for the most part you have access to the same games you’d find at online casino sites, with more games appearing all the time. iPhone gambling is an emerging market with new titles and new sites appearing all the time. If you don’t find a game you’re looking for right off the bat, just be patient. iPhone gambling is exploding in popularity and you can bet your favorite game or favorite online casino will have iPhone gambling options soon.

iPhone / iPad Casinos vs. Traditional Online Casinos

The main difference between casino gambling on your laptop or in your web browser and playing casino games on your iPhone or iPad is the portability of the both mobile devices. Any place your iPhone or iPad has web access can become an online gambling spot: play online slots on the bus, during a break at work, on a long road trip, or anywhere else you can use your iPhone / iPad.

Another big difference between playing casino games on your iPhone and playing at an Internet casino is that you won’t have as many options for iPhone gambling as you do with traditional Internet casinos. That’s because iPhone / iPad casinos are an emerging market, and creating casino games that work on the iPhone platform is expensive and time-consuming.

The similarities between iPhone casinos and web-based casinos are many. Much of what customers love about online casinos is available on iPhone casinos. iPhone casinos still offer bonuses and promotional programs designed to reward you for your loyalty. iPhone casinos offer customer service support in case you have any technical problems or questions about your account. Also, as iPhone casinos grow in popularity, you can expect more and more of your online casino game favorites to be available on your iPhone.

How to Pick a Safe and Secure iPhone / iPad Real Money Casino

Selecting an iPhone / iPad casino is very similar to picking a traditional web-based casino. All the features you expect from Internet casinos are available at casino apps designed for the iPhone: game variety, customer service options, bonuses & promotions, and a variety of deposit and withdrawal options.

When selecting an iPad / iPhone casino, make sure you’re doing business with a legitimate casino gaming provider. That means looking for certification, reading customer reviews online, and doing your homework before you decide to fund your player account.

A final note on selecting the right real money iPad / iPhone casino: playing iPad / iPhone casino games developed by established online casinos is a good idea. This is especially true if you already have a player account at an online casino. Many Internet-based casinos are developing mobile casino games, so check to see if your online casino offers games for your mobile device before you go looking for a new casino gaming provider.