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Mobile casinos are casino sites or casino game platforms designed for use on your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or most other handheld Java-compatible device. Mobile casinos are just gaining ground outside of the European and Asian market, thanks to improvements in smartphone technology just reaching the United States and other big gambling markets. As smartphone quality improves, so will mobile casino technology, spreading to new markets as those market’s mobile networks improve.

The widespread use of mobile phones and other mobile devices capable of playing casino games is responsible for the explosion in mobile casino gambling. Mobile casino gambling was the obvious next step for online gaming sites, since most of their customers use smartphones or other devices that can handle the demands of casino gaming software. Mobile casino gaming makes casino play available when even online casino play isn’t; if you’re away from your computer, odds are you have your smartphone in your pocket. Mobile casinos make casino gaming available anywhere you can use your mobile phone.

As mobile gaming proves to be successful, other online casinos have decided to jump into the market, and providing mobile gambling apps is the new cool thing for online casinos. Many of the top online casino sites have their own mobile casino programs accessible to the vast majority of smartphone users. Should mobile gaming prove as successful in North and South America as it has in Europe and Asia, expect many more mobile online casinos to pop up, especially as more customers in the Americas have access to 4G networks.

Most Popular Casinos with Real Money Mobile Gambling Apps

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Mobile Casino Guide – Apps to Play Real Money Games

Are Real Money Mobile Casinos Legal?

The legality of mobile casinos depends on the legality of online or “remote” gambling. In places like the United States, existing state laws against online gambling probably apply to mobile gambling though no one has ever been prosecuted for using mobile casinos. For citizens of the USA, the UIGEA bill prohibiting certain financial transactions to known gambling sites still applies to sites providing mobile gambling, so you may still have trouble funding your player account the same way you would at an online casino.

If you’re concerned about whether a casino is legal to play on your mobile, check your local, state, and federal laws before you play. Some countries restrict access to mobile casino play the same way they do online casino play.

What Kind of Casino Games Are Available on Mobile Devices?

You won’t find every casino game you’re used to when you play at mobile casinos. Very few mobile casinos have more than 5 or 6 different games, and some games just don’t translate well to the mobile format. Existing mobile casino games available at the top mobile casinos are blackjack, roulette, video poker, baccarat, keno, slots games (including progressive), and a few arcade-style games available through the more popular Asian mobile casinos. Just like at online casinos, most mobile casinos allow you to test their games for free with a special no-deposit offer or an instant version available by download.

Though mobile casinos don’t offer the same game variety you’re used to from online casinos, the technology is constantly improving, so you can expect different games and variations to appear over time. Competition is driving the mobile casino market, especially in developing areas like the US, Canada, and Australia, so when a mobile casino puts out a new game or invents a new way of playing online casino games on your mobile device, it isn’t long before the other sites catch up.

Can I Play Mobile Slot Games?

Mobile slots are probably the most sophisticated mobile games currently available, and for good reason. Slot machines are the most profitable games for online casinos and the same is true for mobile casinos, so naturally they spend more time developing and designing mobile slot games than any other type of game. There are now hundreds of different mobile slot titles to pick from at different mobile casinos.

There are three basic types of mobile slot games, similar to the slot games you’d find at an online casino. You can pick from classic three reel or five reel mobile slot games, which are easy to understand, easy to play, and generally available at smaller bet sizes. Mobile video slots are available, though they aren’t of the quality you’d expect from an online casino. These slots have special themes and play videos and other animations, and usually come with bonus rounds and free spin chances.

Finally, progressive mobile slot games are the latest in mobile casino slot play. You can enjoy progressive jackpots on mobile casino slots the same way you can at online casinos or traditional land-based casinos, though depending on the mobile casino’s popularity, the jackpot may not get as high as at high-traffic online casinos. Mobile casino progressive jackpots have risen into the millions of dollars, but only at the highest-traffic mobile casinos in Asia and Europe. Still, progressive jackpots are popular, and a big draw for mobile slot gambling.

The Future of Mobile Casinos

Though it has been around for a few years, mobile casino gambling is still in its infancy. Some gambling markets know very little about mobile casino gambling, while Europe and many Asian countries are saturated with mobile gambling apps and casinos. Currently, a very few of the world’s most popular online casino rooms offer full-fledged mobile casinos. There’s no way to know if mobile casino gambling will catch on in North America or Australia, except to say that everywhere mobile casinos have popped up, they’ve been popular and profitable.

United Kingdom casinos are currently the leaders of the pack when it comes to real money mobile games. They also offer the best-reviewed mobile gambling platforms and the largest numbers of mobile gaming customers. As the Asian smartphone market continues to improve beyond the technology available in the UK, you can expect the Asian market to eclipse the mobile offerings in the UK and Europe.

As for mobile gambling in the USA, where gambling law is a total mess, there’s no way to know. If mobile casinos were a viable alternative to online casinos, there’s no doubt Americans will be very interested in mobile casino gaming, to replace the access they lost after the 2006 UIGEA bill.

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