Top 5 Casinos with Real Live Dealers in 2020

Live dealer casinos are becoming more common all the time in the online casino industry. Technology has finally caught up to what gamblers want from their Internet games. Instead of simulated games with RNGs and nice rendered casino-themed artwork, you get a live feed from a video camera recording a real life dealer somewhere out there in the world.

I want to discuss the options that live dealer gaming offers gamblers. Then I want to cover a few of the top casinos which offer live games instead of simulations, along with a few of the technical features each one might offer you. Most of the casinos which offer live dealers tend to offer the same select number of games, because they want to maximize their investment in employees. Remember that the live dealer casino is meant as a service for the customers, because most casinos online would probably prefer to buy the software and not have to pay permanent employees. Keep that in mind as we review the various operations you can enjoy.


Top Rated Casinos Offering Real-Money Games with Real Dealers

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Finding a Live Dealer Casino That Works For You

In my experience, the best online casinos tend to offer the best online live dealer game experiences, too. The fact is, if a gambling site is well-run, then the management staff is going to find a way to make something like live dealing work well, too. You might assume that those who have been training live employees for decades at their brick-and-mortar operations, such as Ladbrokes and William Hill, might have the edge, though I’m not convinced this gives any advantage. Those which have been delivering the best online product for a decade or more might be better suited, since the live online dealer requires good technology coordination. In the end, I’m fascinated that you can go to Bovada and find a big Asian dealer’s room, while other sites take you to Riga, Latvia.

If you want to try out the lesser known sites, I can understand. I’ve noticed some of the live dealer sites appear to be dedicated gambling sites from real brick-and-mortar casinos in Ireland, so it might be the personal touch from a more intimate setting is what you like. The good thing is, you should have plenty of playing options.

Comparisons of Live Dealer Casinos

Those are the dry details. Each of these sites offers similar game options and video streams. That hardly accounts for all the ways their live games are completely different. When you start analyzing which is better, you’ll have to answer a number of questions about these live dealers.

  • Where do the live dealers operate from?
  • Does the dealer or croupier seem professional?
  • Are they male dealers or attractive female dealers?
  • Do they distract from the game?
  • Does the technology work right?
  • What if the live feed is interrupted during a hand?
  • Can I see and hear everything I need to see and hear?

Live Gambling Online

Some of the live video streaming of gamblers at your “table” don’t use live casino dealers. This is especially true in online poker games which have the players videotaped. While the players are real, you still have the random number generator and a computer simulation replacing the live deal. Where the game deviates from most virtual casinos is you have a live video feed of the other players at your table, like what you would get if you were using Skype. You can communicate with your fellow players or your opponents (“peers”) by video, voice, and instant messaging. This type of live feed works best for social games like poker and craps, so you won’t find it too much on roulette, video poker, and Casinos. While I’ve never seen it used in that capacity, I’d like to see an online casino hook up a live feed to one of the new multi-player slots, because live streaming would enhance that slots gaming immensely.

Whichever game you play, live gambling via video feed provides a more interactive experience than you’d get from a standard video simulation. In the end, you’re still getting the same game presented to you, but it’s a lot more realistic to actually see your opponent and try to read their moves than some cartoon representation of them. It’s just not the same trying to figure out what the cartoon guy in the cowboy hat or the smiling animated guy in the fake tuxedo is thinking. Again, you won’t see this as much in an online casino as in an online poker room, but I can see more possibilities for live game feeds than just reading an opponent at the Texas hold’em table.

How Do Live Dealer Casinos Work?

If you’ve played Casinos at an online casino, you’re already familiar with live dealer Casinos. That’s because live dealer Casinos games are just the same as online Casinos but with the inclusion of a live dealer. Your dealer appears in your browser thanks to streaming video and you can watch the dealer manipulate the cards and produce the game’s outcomes. You can interact with your dealer the way you would in the casino. Multiplayer online live dealer casinos also exist, allowing you to join other junkies on your live dealer adventure.

You’ll still interact with the game like you would in standard online casinos, using your mouse or keyboard to place bets and move from room to room or game to game. The only difference is the appearance of the live dealer; all bets are still placed on the graphic representation of a betting surface. The live dealer is just there to add a new element to the game, and make casino games a bit more like land-based casino.