Play Online Casino Games in Euros

Many online casinos cater to the large European gambling market. Since the creation of the European Union (and the adoption by many countries of the Euro currency), the nations that make up Europe have come together to resemble something like a unified country. The spread of the Euro as a world currency meant that online casinos who want to do business with Europeans had to start accepting the Euro for deposits and withdrawals.

What’s unique about online casinos that use Euros is that they are doing business with so many different cultures and languages all using the same unified currency. To help find online gaming sites that accept Euros, looks for casinos that offer European based payment transfer methods, like NETeller , PayPal or Ukash. Usually, if a casino accepts payments from European payment processors, they will also accept the Euro as a viable currency for deposits and withdrawals.

There are plenty of online casinos that welcome deposits and withdrawals in Euros, and the number continues to grow thanks to increased interest in online and mobile gambling. The European gambling market has always been strong, but now that smartphone-based gambling is catching on in Europe like it already has in Asia and other markets, expect even more online gaming sites to open with a focus on European gambling dollars.

Casinos in Euros and Currency Exchange

If the Euro is your currency of choice, can you only play at online gaming sites that accept Euros? No; thanks to currency exchange and third party payment processors, you don’t have to choose to play at an online casino that accepts Euros. But there are a few benefits to finding a casino that accepts your preferred currency:

Currency exchange is expensive. Whether you use an eWallet to exchange currencies (many of them have built-in currency exchange features) or change your currency at a traditional bureau or bank, swapping from one currency to another is going to cost you. The amount of the currency exchange fee varies, but any unnecessary fee cuts into your gambling bankroll.

Currency exchange adds time to deposits and withdrawals. If you do choose to exchange currencies using an eWallet, you’ll have to spend extra time dealing with your deposits and withdrawals and sometimes exchanging currencies can delay your deposits or withdrawals.

Currency exchange is a hassle. There’s no reason to spend the time, money, and hassle exchanging currencies when the Euro is accepted at so many different online casinos.

It’s up to you whether or not you choose to play at Euro-friendly online casinos. You can depend on currency exchange and other methods to transfer your Euros to an online casino that doesn’t deal in Euros, but you’ll be adding time and expense to a process that doesn’t have to be so difficult.

The Future of Euro Online Casinos

The future of online casinos that accept Euros is bright. There are a handful of European nations (France in particular) that are pushing anti-online gambling laws, but for the most part, the legal status of online gaming sites that face European customers is safe.

Expect to see more online gaming sites adopting the Euro in the months and years to come. Millions of people use the Euro as their main currency, most of them in countries that do not restrict online gambling at all. As smartphones and other handheld devices become commonplace throughout Europe, the increased revenue from mobile gambling should attract more online casino companies to do business with Euro customers.

One easy way to see the rise in Euro-based gaming and the increased business coming out of the European gambling market is to look at the number of languages supported by different gaming sites. The best European-facing casino sites now offer dozens of European and Asian languages, including more obscure tongues like Magyar and Czech. As more online casinos add European languages, it’s easy to see that these gaming sites are trying to draw in business from customers that use the Euro.

How to Pick an Online Casino in Euros

There are three steps to picking a good online casino that accepts Euro deposits and withdrawals:

Look for a trustworthy online gaming site.

Like anything online, some gaming sites are just not legitimate. The best way to test a site’s reputation is to look for licensing information on their website, read a few online reviews to find out how previous customers feel about the site, and contact the site’s customer service staff and ask any questions you have. A legitimate site will have a customer service team set up to answer any questions you have, while less trustworthy sites probably won’t be open to your questions.

Check to see if the site accepts deposits and pays withdrawals in Euros.

Almost every online casino has a section of the site called “Cashier” or “Banking.” Finding out if the casino does business in Euros is as easy as looking at the list of accepted currencies and verifying that Euros are accepted.

Make sure the site offers a payment transfer method that you have access to.

Finding a reputable site that accepts Euros is worthless if you don’t have any way of adding funds to your player account. Thankfully, casinos that accept Euros tend to also accept all kinds of payments from Europeans, from credit card transfers to bank wires, eWallets, and more. Europeans are also blessed with the largest amount of third party payment processors in the world, meaning you can buy prepaid cards and vouchers from any number of sources and use these vouchers to fund your Euro casino account.