Moneygram Online Casinos

Moneygram International is a money transfer company. They were founded in Dallas, Texas and have a branch office in Minneapolis. Moneygram International Inc. has been in the financial services industry since 1940. These days they offer payment services along with money transfer services, electronic bill payment, official check services and traditional money orders.

Of the services that Moneygram provides, the one you'll be most interested in is their money transfer service. This will allow you to transfer money to the casino of your choice without having to include or deal with interferences from your bank. The point of this article is to show you how to do that, as well as what casinos accept Moneygram as a payment method.

Casinos Accepting Moneygram Deposits from Players in United States

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Ignition Casino
100% up to$2,000
Sloto Cash
300% up to$9,000
Sloto Cash
200% up to$7,777
Bovada Casino
100% up to$3000
Bovada Casino
100% up to$5000
Cafe Casino
500% up to$5,000
Vegas Rush Casino
100% up to$4300

Moneygram Online Casinos for USA Players

One of the upsides to Moneygram is that it's one of very few options that US players can use to fund their casino accounts. There are a number of US-accepting casinos that accept Moneybookers which include:

  • Bovada - Powered by: Real Time Gaming
  • Casino Titan - Powered by: Real Time Gaming

What Does Moneygram Offer?

Moneygram allows people to send money anywhere in the world. The list of countries where you can send money extends to well over 100 nations, running the gamut from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. All you have to do is select a country under "Send To," choose a service under "Receive Option," and enter the US dollar amount. When you use your credit or debit card, the funds arrive within minutes using same day service. When you use your bank account, funds tend to take about three days using economy service.

You might wonder why you'd use a company like this when it comes with fees. The answer is that it adds an additional layer of security to your online transactions. Using Moneygram International assures both the recipient and sender that no one will be ripped off due to fraud, stolen identity or bank information.

Visa Debit and Visa Classic

MGI Corp also issues its own Visa debit and Visa classic (credit) cards. Using these cards you can visit a Moneygram agent's location to send money online for a 1% fee, so an $899.99 transfer comes with a $8.99 fee. Moneygram has a network of 256,000 money transfer agents worldwide, so you'd be surprised how convenient this service is. Their fee structure undercuts the standard fee rates of a money transfer company like PayPal, which can be as high as 3%.

Moneygram Rewards Program

Moneygram also has a loyalty rewards program, too. When you reach 1000 rewards points you are considered a platinum member. Members will earns 25% more per transaction for the remainder of this year, as well as all of next year, too. A cash transfer of $0.01 to $50 earns you 50 reward points, while a transfer of $50.01 and higher earns you 125 points. If you make a transaction involving $300 or higher you'll earn 25 bonus points in addition to the standard 125. Casino affiliates can earn those 1,000 rewards points quickly this way, covering the costs of the fees in most cases.

Moneygram Money Transfers

These are just a few of the advantages. Other products and services offered by Moneygram include pre-paid money transfers, agent reports, money orders, receiver account setup, prepaid cards, and special business solutions. You can pay a bill, receive money to your card, reload a prepaid card, or even add minutes to your phone. The fact is, if you're getting paid for your affiliate efforts, you might as well get paid in a way that is applicable to other parts of your life and provides benefits beyond mere payment. You're transferring money electronically anyway, so perform those transfers and reap the rewards.

MGI Corp Statistics

You might not have ever heard of Moneygram International, but that shouldn't lead you to assume that it's a small operation. Moneygram is the second largest cash transfer company in the entire world. MGI Corp operates in 194 countries worldwide and has over a quarter of a million agent locations. In 2009 alone, over $18,000,000,000 was sent through MoneyGram wolrdwide. The company is owned in large part by Goldman Sachs (29%) and Thomas H. Lee Partners (53%), a purchase which came about in 2008. This is why the traditional headquarters in Minneapolis has been moved to the Dallas, though the Denver Call Center continues to operate and the Minneapolis Global Operation and IT Centers of Excellence continue to operate.

So there you have it: using Moneygram International Inc gives you access to one of the oldest, biggest, and most stable electronic money transfer services in the world. In the i-gaming industry you can't ask for more than that.