Mobile craps games are compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads. Most mobile casinos offer craps in their inventory of games. While you’ll find craps apps in the Apple Store and on Google Play, these are free-play applications used for social gaming. If you want mobile craps for real money, you’ll need a mobile casino. This article provides a how-to guide for mobile craps.

In this guide to mobile craps games, I’ll discuss the various ways to play. I’ll discuss more than Android and iOS gaming because some sites offer Blackberry, Windows Phone, and even Symbian apps. When you finish reading, you’ll have a full understanding of mobile casino craps

Top Mobile Craps Casinos

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Android Craps

Smartphones that use the Android operating system control over 80% of the global market. Tablet computers using the Android OS control over 70% of the market. The Android consortium includes Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Amazon Fire, HP, Barnes & Noble, RCA, Asus, LG, and Acer. While iPhone and iPad beat any one of those companies in sales, the combined Android market dominates.

For that reason, every mobile casino is going to have an Android app. Most of those casinos are going to support Android craps. The best devices for mobile craps are going to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Google Nexus 7, Acer Iconia One, Kurio Xtreme 2, and Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Wifi. Several Sony Xperia models have been solid devices for mobile craps over the years. Among the best smartphones for craps, you should consider the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC 10, OnePlus 3, LG G5, and Nexus 6P.


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iPhone Craps

Apple iPhone Casinos

Craps on the iPhone are going to give you the best smartphone gaming experience. Despite the wild success of Android devices, the Apple iOS mobile devices are still the best all-around gaming devices.

That might not be the case when it comes to social gaming apps, because so many developers target Android design. In the mobile casino industry, the number of developers for each is roughly the same. That’s when the more streamlined and intuitive IOS devices shine, especially because Apple support provides quicker updates.

Therefore, those wanting to have the best support for mobile craps games should buy any IOS device with a minimum of 128GB of memory. Don’t get me wrong; those are frightfully expensive when compared with other smartphones. You get what you pay for.

iPad Craps

Any mobile casino which supports the iPhone is also going to support the iPad. Five years ago, releases for one might come out a year before the other. These days, the mobile gambling market is developed in such a way that no lag time should exist.

For the absolute best experience in mobile craps gambling, direct yourself to the iPad Pro with the 12.9-inch screen. This is going to offer the best graphics for iPad craps.

Keep in mind that mobile devices now support live dealer craps, so you’ll be able to play live craps streamed from a casino studio with mobile-optimized technology. This is the ultimate in mobile craps gaming.

Mobile Craps

Mobile Craps on Other Smartphones

Real money gamblers are going to do best if they own Android or IOS smartphones and tablets. These have universal support in the mobile gambling industry.

Combine that with the most prestigious hardware design and constant competition to upgrade devices and these are the best options for you. When it comes to compatibility, Apple IOS continues to support all the latest versions and even the older models of their devices.

People who use other smartphone or tablet types don’t have to despair, though. Apps are less common these days. Instead, browser-based craps without a download is becoming the norm. That means anyone with a BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or Symbian device should be able to play.

Blackberry Craps

Blackberry craps are supported in some US-friendly mobile casinos, though the number is fewer than it was a few years ago. With Blackberry controlling less than 1% of the world market, the incentive is not there for many lesser software designers to provide Blackberry support. Online casinos like Slots.LV, Ignition Casino, and Lincoln Casino still offer Blackberry casino apps, so those are the best sites for American mobile craps gamblers.

Windows Phone Craps

Windows Phone users are in the same situation Blackberry OS users find themselves. With less than 1% of the global market of smartphone sales, you won’t find as much support from mobile casinos. Bovada, Slots.LV, Planet 7 Casino, and Sloto Cash all continue to support Windows Phone craps at the moment.

A Word About Smartphone Craps

Players might be confused when they see that some mobile casinos offer “Android Craps” and “Smartphone Craps”. The smartphone category on some sites tends to be a catch-all for devices that do not fit into other categories. If the site hasn’t been updated in a while, it could mean the Symbian operating system, which supports Nokia phones.

Most of the time these days, smartphone craps means browser-based online casino games that work for any phone or tablet.