Low limit craps lets players enjoy the most exciting and social dice game in the casino world with the lowest pay-ins possible. Craps is an exciting game where hot streaks and boom rolls fit alongside big busts, so a dice player wants to be comfortable with their bet sizes. Getting the right wager amount gives you the chance to play through the cold streaks and ride the wave a little longer when you’re up. Playing for the lowest bets lets you learn the game at little cost to yourself while still having something on the line.

Top Low Limit Craps Casinos

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Free Online Craps vs Low Limit Craps

Many of the free casino craps sites and game apps simulate craps just fine. Certain game simulators you’ll play on the Internet are meant as enticements to play craps for real-money, so they allow a player to win more often than they normally would. Playing for small amount at a real online casinos which is licensed and regulated assures you’ll be playing a real game, yet still at an affordable price.

In this article, I want to discuss the best online low limit craps games, as well as the best land-based casinos for low dollar dice games. I’ll concentrate on the tables in Las Vegas, since it’s the gambling destination for the most live gamblers. Don’t expect to find low dollar tables in the Native American casinos and other local gambling establishments dotting the landscape, since these are often the only show in town and the management knows players will play at whatever limits they offer. Players can find low-limit games in Atlantic City and Tunica, but once again, less frequently than you’ll find in Nevada.

What Is Low Limit Craps?

Each time the shooter rolls the dice, players will have the option of making a bet. They may decide to wager on the direct success or failure of the shooter, or they might try to bet on the next number to come up on the dice.

In a low limit craps game, each bet must meet a minimum requirement. Finding $3 and $5 minimum craps games are not uncommon, and the persistent player can find games that cost a quarter or less. Games of high limit craps are just the opposite, as players will be able to bet massive amounts of money during each toss of the dice, sometimes with no upper limit.

The Advantages of Low Limit Craps

As you might have guessed, the biggest advantage to playing low limit craps online is the amount of money you’re required to risk. Players with a limited entertainment budget will still be able to spend hours rolling the dice, although I must admit to missing the community dynamic that’s such a large part of the live craps experience.

I tend to be frugal, so another plus is not being expected to tip anyone. No waitress is bringing me free drinks, and there’s no boxman, dealer, or stickman to tip after a winning streak. My money is my own, and I can keep it all on the table where it belongs.

There are few casino games as exciting as craps, and playing low limit craps online allows you to tap into some of that action without risking your life savings. But no matter what your financial situation, you can benefit from shopping around for the casino that best suits your needs, as well as keeping a close eye on your bankroll. After that, it all comes down to a roll of the dice.

Low Limit Craps in Las Vegas

Casino Royale has $2 minimum bets on their craps tables during the week. Casino Royale also has a $3 craps table which pays high odds on certain bets. On the weekends, the cheapest games at the Casino Royale, which is located on the Vegas Strip, is $5. This makes the Casino Royale the least expensive craps game on the Vegas Strip. O’Shea’s Casino also offers $5 craps and it’s also located on the Strip. O’Shea’s has an old school feel, with loud craps tables and lots of fun. The Plaza is a place to learn craps, if for no other reason than they offer cheaper tables than most other Vegas casinos.

When you go downtown, try Sam Boyd’s Fremont Casino, which offers $5 and $10 minimum tables. If you want to see professional dealers and intelligent players enjoy the dice, Fremont’s Casino is a good look at such things. Slots-A-Fun is another casino with an old school craps feel. The dealers seem aged and world-wise and you’ll find plenty of cheap craps tables. The California Hotel & Casino is known for drawing serious dice players, so don’t bring a bunch of nonsense to the table. The bet minimums on the low-dollar tables at the Cal Casino are $5 and $10.

The El Cortez Casino offers a three-dollar craps table, as well. The atmosphere might be considered quaint to sticklers for service. Expect to get your own drinks in busy hours. The Gold Coast Casino has full size tables with low stakes craps, at least in the day hours. The Orleans Casino also has low-cost tables during the slow hours, including cheap drinks and hot dogs. Downtown Vegas may not have much of what you’re searching for, but Binion’s Horseshoe occasionally has $3 craps tables. The Golden Nugget also has three-dollar craps most of the time.

Is $3 Limit Craps Worth It?

Gone are the days when you could play 25-cent craps at the Silver Dollar Casino in Las Vegas, but games with $3 limits are still available in Sin City. Veteran Las Vegas players sometimes tell the newer craps players to spend a little extra for the $5 table, instead of betting at the $3 limits. On the low-dollar craps tables in Vegas, you’ll sometimes find worse odds. This won’t matter on the pass line bet, but (in some casinos) when the point is either 6 or 8, then if the odds pay at 6:5, this can affect your expectation. The payoffs on the low limit place bets are prone to be rounded down in the favor of the casino. Also, payoffs on field bets might be different. For instance, a snake eyes bet paying off at 3:1, it might pay off at 2:1 instead. The point being, you might face lower odds when you play at lower limits, so compare the pay tables between the $3 and $5 craps tables and make sure you get the most and best gambling for your money.

Cheapest Online Craps

When you go online, you’ll be able to find cheap Internet craps in the European casinos powered by Playtech software. Don’t shy away from the live dealer craps, assuming these are just for high rollers. As streaming technology for online gambling becomes more mainstream, you’ll find more low limit live dealer craps tables. U.S. real money craps players are going to have fewer options, so check out the RealTime Gaming casinos. You’ll find about 75 of these sites, though I wouldn’t recommend every one of them.

Low Limit Craps Tips

No matter how much or how little your bet size is, remember to play using proper bet evaluation and strategy. Craps is a game with a wide variation in house edge between two bets. The pass bet, don’t pass bet, come bet, and don’t come bet offer reasonable odds and are the wagers you should learn first. Don’t make exotic wagers for the sake of doing something different until you learn the expected return on each craps wager. Don’t play the bets with the high payoffs until you know the odds stacked against you. If you play for half the cost, but place your bets on propositions with double the house edge, you’re not finding a bargain bet. Since craps wagers can sometimes have a house edge of 10% (as opposed to 1.5% for the pass and come bets), you’ll be betting on losing propositions and wasting your precious cash. Learn the odds of craps and bet accordingly.

Calculating Expected Losses

By calculating your expected losses at online craps, you’ll be able to estimate how long your bankroll will last. The process is easier than you might think, as it only requires a few basic calculations.

In the average game of craps at a land-based casino, the player will make about 40 bets per hour. Due to the speed of Internet play, however, anyone enjoying low limit craps online will be able to get in double that amount. You can always choose to play less than that amount, but players looking for volume can expect to achieve this number.

Each craps bet has a different house edge, which is the percentage of each wager that the casino expects to retain in the long run. If a game has a 1% house edge, for example, the casino will take in about $1 for every $100 you wager. This numbers can vary, of course, but this is the average over an infinite number of hands.

To determine how much an hour of play will cost you over the long run, just multiply the average bet size times the number of bets per hour, then multiply this total by the house edge. AxBxC = expected loss per hour.

If you’re playing in a $5 low limit craps game online, and you’re making 65 bets per hour, you’re wagering $325 each hour that you play. If you stick with the pass line wager with 1X odds, the house edge is 0.85%. 325 times 0.85 equals $2.76. That’s not bad for an hour of entertainment, especially if you’re getting free drinks out of the deal.

This can change dramatically if you take on some of the less desirable craps wagers. For example, the “hard eight” bet has a house edge of 9.09%. If you make that bet 50 times per hour, you’re going to lose $5 x 50 x 9.09 = $22.72 per hour. High limit craps players who wager $500 per wager under the same circumstances can expect to lose $2272.50.

Managing Your Bankroll

If you have $200 to spend at low limit online craps, you’ll want to manage your bankroll in order to make it last as long as possible. Using the section above, let’s say that you’ve calculated an hourly loss of $23. With the bankroll we’ve established, the player would be able to spend nearly nine hours at the virtual craps table. That’s a whole lot of gaming for a small investment, which is one of the reasons why low limit craps is so popular.