Craps is one of the most hands-on games in the casino, allowing players to actually shoot the dice that determine the game’s outcome. Because of the hands-on aspect of craps, and because the game tends to draw a big crowd, craps is one of the most exciting casino table games.

But that same hands-on nature of craps has also led to more than a few attempts to cheat the game. Here are the various ways casino cheats have tried to gain an unfair advantage in craps:


Most Popular Craps Cheat: The Loaded Dice

The most visible part of the game of craps is also the most common way of trying to cheat the game. Since the dice used to play craps get handled by different players, cheats often try to manipulate the dice themselves or switch out the casinos dice for their own loaded dice.

The original definition of loaded dice meant dice that had weights added in certain places to cause the dice to land on certain numbers more often. But not all loaded dice are actually weighted to manipulate the outcome.

Loaded dice were the first big craps cheats, with players palming their loaded dice and switching them out with the dice provided by the casino. Shaved or sanded dice are another form of dice cheat. Rather than load or weight the dice, cheaters would sand or shave off tiny pieces of the dice. These tiny changes to the shape of the dice caused them to land on specific numbers more often, just like loading the dice.

To get around dice loading cheats, today’s casinos produce their own dice with logos and other identifiers to make sure that the dice being used in a craps game are fair. If a player tries to switch out a casino’s dice with their own loaded or shaved version, the cheat would be obvious to the casino employees.

Other tactics for defeating dice cheats include the numbering or marking of dice in some way that the casino can recognize the dice as legitimate. Before a craps game open, the number or markings of the dice are inspected to make sure that the dice being used are the dice provided by the casino.

Still, casino security and craps game providers have to be vigilant, watching to make sure that loaded or otherwise altered dice don’t make their way into casino craps games. Cheaters will try to create a diversion to switch out dice, such as dropping the dice off the table “accidentally” so they can replace them with loaded or altered dice.

Today’s casino security measures have made loaded dice a thing of the past. That isn’t to say that loaded dice don’t occasionally make their way into casino craps games, but for the most part, this cheat is no longer viable.

Another Craps Cheating Method: Past Posting

Past posting is a common casino cheat for all sorts of casino games. Past posting is when a gambler moves a bet after the result has been determined.

Past posting is one of the most common types of casino cheats, especially since mechanical means of cheating at craps (like using loaded dice) are no longer easy to get away with. Past posting is a well-known casino cheat. Security and other casino floor employees watch for past posters. Past posting and other methods of cheating in casinos are illegal.

How does past posting work? Some past posting cheaters try to distract the dealer by asking for change. In craps, past posting often happens right as the dice are rolled, when a craps player asks for change. When the dice stop rolling, the dealer will make change for the gambler, who then drops chips onto the winning spot on the betting surface as he gets his change.

Craps is not the only game vulnerable to past posting. Casinos know that past posting is a common way of cheating the casino, so they are constantly looking for evidence of past posting. If you’re not a casino cheater and you want to avoid the appearance of past posting, the best thing you can do is follow casino etiquette.

In craps, it is common for the dice to knock over chips placed on the betting surface. Rather than reaching your hand in to restack your chips, let the dealer do the work for you. Any appearance of past posting is likely to get you a visit with a casino security employee, so make sure you never touch your chips once they’re on the layout.

Many casino gamblers concerned about not appearing to engage in past posting behavior will keep their hands palms up so that the eyes in the sky don’t think they’re stacking more chips on the gambling surface.

Rhythmic and Controlled Rolling Craps Cheating

Finally, a version of craps cheating that may not technically be cheating. Some craps players think they can control the way the dice roll by the way they shake and shoot the dice. This is called rhythmic or controlled rolling.

How do rhythmic shooters manipulate the roll of the dice? There are a few methods. The most common is to hold the dice in your hand with the numbers you want to roll facing up to the ceiling. Controlled shooters then move their hands as if they were shaking the dice the traditional way, making the clacking sound common to craps shooters by bumping the dice into each other, but leaving them in the same position. Controlled shooters practice their technique for a long time, and while rhythmic shooting may not work every time, if practiced right it can take away some of the random aspect of the game.

There’s some controversy over whether or not dice control techniques even work. Some respected gambling writers have reported interesting anecdotes about watching dice control practice in action, but most casinos seem to have little concern that their livelihoods will be affected by a craps shooter who can control the outcomes of a roll of the dice.