The Small, Tall, and All Bets are a popular series of wagers that casinos began offering a few years ago. Because these bets can be made in $1 increments and have huge payouts, even disciplined craps players are known to place these wagers at times. In fact, the assembled gamblers often keep track of these bets when this wager has been placed. Some gamblers cheer when rare bets on another gambler’s checklist is rolled, even if that same roll means their bet loses.

Each of these wagers is separate, so I’ll discuss each in its turn. The Small/Tall bets are similar to the Hi/Lo bets in other games, where the wager is placed on high and low numbers

The Small Bet

The Small Bet involves rolling a 2,3,4,5, and 6 before the shooter rolls a 7. Players should pay close attention, because it does not mean one of those five numbers has to be rolled; all five numbers must be rolled. Thus, the small bet requires at least 5 rolls, with the 7 never been rolled before a two, a three, a four, a five, and a six are rolled. It is like the parlay bet in horse racing, where several bets must be successful in order to win.

The house edge on the Small Bet is 34:1, which has a house edge of 7.76%. Some casinos pay only 30:1 on this wager, which increases the house edge to a whopping 18.30%.

The Tall Bet

The Tall Bet involved rolling the numbers higher than a seven: the 8,9,10,11, and 12. Once again, all five numbers must be rolled before a 7, if the player is to win this wager.

The house edge on the Tall Bet is 34:1, which also has a house edge of 7.76%. If a casino has a 30:1 payout on the Tall Bet, the house edge increases to 18.30%.

The All Bet

The “All Bet” combines terms of the small and tall bets. In doing so, it creates a wager which has huge real odds. This is the wager which excites players at the table who do not have a stake riding on this bet. The payoff for the All Bet is 174 to 1.

For this wager to win, then the shooter must roll all the following numbers before rolling a seven: 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11, and 12. The house edge on the 174:1 payout on the All Bet is 7.76%. If the payout is 175 to 1, then the house edge is 7.47%. If the payout is a lousy 150 to 1, then the house edge would be 20.81%.

The odds of winning the All Bet is about 1 in 190.