The Horn or Whirl Bets are a series of bets based on the 2,3,11, and 12 being rolled before the 7 is rolled. These are similar to the craps & yo bet, except they are made individually: The Horn 2, Horn 3, Horn 11, and Horn 12 bets.
The Horn 2 and Horn 12 bets have a payoff of 30:1, while they have a house edge of 13.9%. The Horn 3 and Horn 11 bets have a payoff of 15:1, while they have a house edge of 11.1%.

The C&E bet has a 11.1% house edge opposed to a combined 12.5% house edge for the Horn Bets, so if you plan on making all of them together, it should be made on the C&E bet. Obviously, none of these are good bets to make, unless you’re toking the dealers.

To place a horn bet, you’ll place your chips where the proposition bets are found in the middle of the table. To reiterate how inadvisable these bets are, these are sometimes known as the “not especially smart bets”.
The “horn, high ace” bet places $2 on the 12 and $1 on the 2, 3, and 11 (or a similar ratio at higher bet levels). This wager is similarly bad, with a 12.78% house edge.