Hop Bets are placed on a specific dice combination when the shooter rolls a point. In this way, hops bets areĀ similar to a hardway bet, because a specific combination is required to win the bet. Hop betting is different than hardway betting, because the two numbers don’t have to match.

Where a Hard 4 would require the dice to come up 2+2, a Hop 4 bet would require the dice to come up 3+1. A Hop 6 bet would need a different notation, because two non-hardway combinations exist: a 4+2 or 5+1 combination. Thus, you could make a Hop 4+2 or a Hop 5+1 bet.

The potential house edge on a “Hard” Hop Bet has a tremendous range, which includes 5.56% for 33:1 payouts, 8.33% for 32:1 payouts, 11.11% for 31:1 payouts, 13.89% for 30:1 payouts, and 16.67% for 29:1 payouts.

“Easy” Hop Bets also exist. In this case, a player on a Hop 6 bet would win if the winning combination was either 4+2 or 5+1. In this case, the payouts typically range between 14:1 to 16:1. The house edge for the easy hop bets include a 5.56% house edge for 16:1 payouts, a 11.11% house edge for 15:1 payouts, and a 16.67% house edge for 14:1 payouts.

The house edge on hop bets are pretty bad, especially when a casino is stingy with its payoffs. In many cases, hop bets are sucker bets. It’s best to avoid these wagers, unless toking the dealers.