The Fire Bet stipulates that the shooter rolls a particular number several times before rolling a seven. In doing so, the shooter has to be “on fire”, which gives the wager its name. The Fire Bet has a wide range of repetitions, from the point being rolled 3 times to the point being rolled 6 times.

As a general rule, most Fire Bets require 3 or 4 rolls of a chosen number for the wager to win. A variety of different payouts exist for this game, so the payoff information has a wide range. The most common payouts and house edge information is posted below.

Whichever wager you make, the Fire Bets have some of the highest  house edges in craps. It is common to see the Fire 3 pay out at a 6:1 rate, the Fire 4 to pay 29 to 1, the Fire 5 to pay 149 to 1, and the Fire 6 bet to pay 299 to 1