The Come Bet is very similar to the Pass Line Bet, which causes confusion for new players. In terms of odds, payouts, and terms, the two wagers are identical. The difference is when the bets are made.

Players make a Come Bet after a point is established. A Pass Line Bet is made before the come-out roll (before a point is established). Otherwise, both wagers involve betting on the shooter to win.

How the Come Bet Wins

The Come Bet wins if the shooter rolls the point before rolling a 7. If a shooter rolled a 6 on the come-out roll, then the shooter needs to roll another 6 (before rolling a 7) for the Come Bet to win.

Come Bets have the same house edge as the Pass Line Bet: 1.41%. That makes the bet, along with the Pass Line Bet, the second-best wager at the craps table.

The opposite of the Come Bet is the Don’t Come Bet, which is a bet against the shooter.