Players have the option to make either a Buy 5 or Place 5 bet, or a Buy 9 or a Place 9 bet. It confuses many players which of these wagers is a better option. Making the proposition more difficult is the fact that the Buy or Place bets each can offer a better house edge in certain circumstances.

The reason for confusion is that the payouts might be the same on both wagers, though the money risked is different. For example, a player a Buy 9 bet risking $25 is going to win $35. A player making a Buy 9 bet is going to risk $24 is going to win $36, with the house taking a $1 rake.

In this case, both wagers return $35 to the bettor, so it would appear that both the Buy 9 or Place 9 bets are the same. They aren’t, because one requires the player to risk $24, while the other requires a risk of $25. That might not sound like much, but over a long gaming session, the gambler making the Place Bets is going to walk out of the casino with more money.