Big Six and Eight Craps

What are the Big Six and Big Eight bet?

In simplest terms, it is a play in craps when a player bets whether a six or an eight will be rolled before the seven. Basically, the dice are rolled until a six or seven comes up and the player wins or loses. With the Big Six, if the six comes before the seven, the player wins. If the seven comes before the six, the player loses. The same rules apply to the Big Eight. If a player rolls an eight before a seven, they win. If they roll a seven before the eight, they lose.

On the craps board, whether you’re playing an online casino or a land-based casino, the Big Six & Big Eight are the exact same as the normal six and eight spots, except they have different location and payoff.

Should this type of bet be avoided?

Simply put, yes. Betting on the Big Six & Big Eight in craps games should be avoided. The Big Six & Eight are known as notoriously bad bets in the world of craps.

One of the biggest reasons for the bets bad reputation is the small payouts that are yielded from it. With a 1:1 payoff, players are at an immediate disadvantage since there are five ways to roll six and six ways to roll a seven. With an even payout, that means you will lose more than you win since there is a better chance you will roll a seven. The same thing applies to the Big Eight.

If you’re playing the normal six and eight on the board, you get a 7:6 payoff which means a $6 bet yields a $7 wins. It’s not the best odds out there, but it’s considerably better than the even payout with a lesser chance to win that the Big Six & Big Eight method offer.

So why would you make this bet?

If this Big 8 & Big 6 sound like a sucker bet, that’s because it is one. The house edge on this wager is 9.09%. That is not a good rate for a player. The player loses more money on this bet, while the casino profits. Betting on the Big Six & the Big Eight is a prime way for casinos to take advantage of new players who aren’t familiar with craps. Thankfully, many casinos no longer offer this wager, because players do not make the wager that often.

The Big Six & Big Eight Bets are some of the worst bets a gambler could make. It is one of the least lucrative betting options available. With a 1:1 return there is little chance of winning real money on a consistent basis. On a set of dice, you are statistically more likely to lose in the long-term. For people wanting great odds, there are far superior offers available.

If you want to start playing craps and want to win real money while playing, it is strongly recommended you avoid betting on the Big Six & Big Eight. There is no incentive to do so. There are so many better ways to gamble. Avoid Big Six & Big Eight bets and games at all costs.