The Any Craps Bet is a simple wager on whether the shooter rolls a craps. Players who are new to shooting dice should note that a “craps” is rolling a 2, 3, or 12 on the come-out roll. If the shooter rolls a craps, he or she loses the bet on the come-out roll.

This wager is only a little different. It is a one-roll bet that wins if “Any Craps” number appears on the shooter’s next roll. This bet has a 7 to 1 payoff and a house edge of 11.1%. That’s an extremely high house edge, so the “Any Craps” wager is considered a sucker bet by experienced craps players. Never make this wager, unless you are toking the dealer.

The “Any Craps” Wager vs. The 3-Way Craps Bet

Dice shooters might be wondering what the difference is between the “Any Craps” bet and the 3-Way Craps bet. They are quite similar, including the fact that each has the same house edge of 11.1%.

The difference between the two wagers is the Any Craps wager is considered one single bet on whether the 2,3, or 12 are rolled. The 3-Way Craps bet is considered three bets, so you place your chips separately on the three numbers.

This has one effect on the game. Low rollers can place a $1 wager on the “Any Craps” bet option. To place a 3-Way Craps bet, you would have to place at least one chip on each of the three numbers, so you would have to bet at least $3 on the wager. For that reason, the Any Craps Bet is considered better.