The Any 7 Bet is a form of craps betting which pays when one of the six dice combinations which total seven is rolled. So, when a player rolls the following combinations of 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, they win their bet. However, when any other combination is rolled they lose. Any 7 wagers are one-roll bets, so there are no repeated rolls.

Where is it Located on the Board?

The Any 7, otherwise known as “The Big Red” is located near the center section. The stickman has control of the bet as players are expected to toss their chips to the center of the board. Tell the stickman you’d like to bet on Any 7 and once your chips are in order, roll the dice and hope for a combination that equals seven.

What are the Odds?

Any 7 bets have a payout of 4:1 and a house edge of 16.9%. Those aren’t exactly great odds, as the average $1 bet will only pay out $4. Those odds give the casino an immediate advantage. With six dice combinations for the number seven and 36 combinations from 2 to 12, players have a 6:36 chance of winning. It is the least profitable bet a player can place in craps.

Should the Any 7 Wager be Avoided?

It goes without saying that you should avoid this wager like it’s the plague. There is little incentive to play a game that puts you at a disadvantage in the long-term. With poor odds, mediocre payouts and such a high hedge bet, there are much better bets to be made. If you’re a risk-taker and have money to make volatile bets, then maybe the Any 7 bet is for you. However, for new players, the Any 7 isn’t worth the risk. Unless you enjoy losing money at the craps table.

Craps experts talk a lot about sucker bets. The Any 7 Bet is the ultimate version of the sucker bet because it has the absolute worst odds in craps. Compounding this bad bet is it doesn’t even have the advantage of paying out a lot on the rare occasion it wins, which is true of many bets which have a high house edge. Where the lousy Horn bets pay out 30:1 and 15:1, the Any Seven bet only pays at 4:1.

Are There any Other Craps Games you Should Avoid?

While we would recommend playing craps games at one of the many online casinos we showcase, there is one betting game, in particular, that is worth avoiding. We also suggest you stay away from the Big Six and Eight part of the craps table.

Much like the Any 7 craps bet, the Big Six and Big Eight bets don’t favor the players.

In this case, a player bets whether a six or eight will be rolled. This type of bet has an ever 1:1 payoff, with players being at an immediate disadvantage since there are five ways to roll a six, yet six ways to roll a seven. Making matters even less favorable, the house edge on a wager is 9.09%. The chances of winning in the long-term are not good and for craps players looking to win real money, there are many alternatives offered that will yield worthy payouts. Big Six and Eight aren’t worth your time.