The Any 7 Craps Bet Explained

The “Any 7” Bet pays when one of the six dice combinations which total 7 is rolled. The payout in case of a winning roll is 4 to 1. The house edge on the Any Seven Bet is 16.90%.

Craps experts talk a lot about sucker bets. The Any 7 Bet is the ultimate version of the sucker bet, because it has the absolute worst odds in craps. Compounding this bad bet is it doesn’t even have the advantage of paying out a lot on the rare occasion it wins, which is true of many bets which have a high house edge. Where the lousy Horn bets pay out 30:1 and 15:1, the Any Seven Bet only pays at 4:1.

It goes without saying that you should avoid this wager like it’s the plague.