3 Way Craps Bets

The 3-Way Craps is similar to the "Any Craps" roll, but it is three separate wagers, while "Any Craps" is a single wager. The 3-Way Craps pays if either the 2, 3, or 12 is paid before the 7 is rolled. The payout for a 2 or a 12 in a Three-Way Craps bet is 30:1, while the payout for an 11 is 15:1.

From the perspective of the house edge, this wager is the same as the "Any Craps" roll. The Any Craps roll is a more flexible wager, though, because you can make a $1 wager on Any Craps, while you must make at least a $3 wager on the 3-Way Craps roll, because it requires a chip on all three numbers.
The house edge for the 3-Way Craps bet is 11.11%.

Explanation of All Bets