The UK is an online gambling haven that is backed by a solid base market and clear regulation. It is where the major online gambling firms have capitalized and made their fortunes. The phenomenal growth of the online gambling industry follows a trend only possible in an Internet based environment.

The sector did not seem lucrative to land-based casino owners at the beginning, but now it has surpassed the £2 billion mark in annual revenue. All types of casino games are played online in the UK including Poker, Slots, Roulette, card games, dice games, and Video Poker. Several types of Sports betting are also hosted by the gaming sites.

Top UK Casinos

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Legal United Kingdom Casinos Online

Gambling online in the UK is straightforward and legal as long as one is above the age of 18. Most of the online gamblers access the sites remotely since the servers of the gambling sites are usually located offshore. Internet gambling puts everyone in the same basket, be it UK, EU, or US citizens. They all have unequivocal access to the gambling sites. The only reason it may be reckoned to be a UK based site is the fact that it has most traffic from within the UK.

Real money betting may, however, not be possible for players outside the UK. It may be a requirement for them to have been in the UK when registering for the first time. Many UK casinos and gambling sites have been registered in places like Gibraltar, Isle of Man, island of Alderney, and Malta. This is all in an effort by operators to expand jurisdiction.

The UK may soon be subject to new regulations governing betting over social networks. These regulations will be standardized in the EU and assigned to 21 jurisdictions so that all gambling activities will be taxed.

Playing Casino Games for Money in British Pounds / GBP / £

United Kingdom based casinos have to juggle a variety of currencies that serve the entire European market and players from far flung places in the world. For this reason, British online casinos incorporate the Euro, the US Dollar, and the Sterling Pound. This is different from other EU casinos that only deal with the US Dollar and the Euro. The preferred currency is selected during the player’s registration though there are some sites that will allow multicurrency accounts. However, each game played must be wagered in only one currency. Withdrawals and deposits are also done in separate currency accounts under the same name.

The exchange rate may be provided by online casinos in the UK as a fixed rate or one that is updated daily according to current market forces. For the sake of simplicity, other online casinos will equate all the currencies they deal with. It thus makes it easy to calculate bonuses and loyalty points, and it avoids complicated accounts and client statements. In such a scenario, it is in the best interest of the player to convert to the weakest currency before wagering. Using a dedicated Forex bureau is usually better than using the website’s exchange rate.

Which Online Casinos are Mobile in UK?

Mobile casino games are played just as frequently as PC based games. The excellent communications infrastructure and the proliferation of the Smartphone market has allowed betting on the go. Casino games have been developed for short session play by gamblers who log in while commuting. The software only needed to be tweaked a little to adapt to mobile device platforms and displays. Mobile games are implemented under Android, Windows Mobile or OSX. They may also be played over mobile browsers that are Flash enabled. New releases are updated every day. Mobile UK casinos are applicable to smartphones and tablets.

Playing Casino Games for Real Money in United Kingdom

A deposit is made by detailing an amount that you wish to wager, and this is withdrawn from your online account or credit card. Prior to this, you will have supplied your credit card details and registered in your preferred user name. Credit and debit cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Diners club are popular deposit methods. eWallets such as Moneybookers, Neteller, Paypal, and Click2Pay are also commonly used. Alternatively, a lump sum deposit may be made by writing a check or having the money wired. Details of where to wire the money or who to address on the check are provided over email from the customer helpdesk.

How to Cashout Your Winnings from a UK Casino Online?

The same method used for deposits is often the method of withdrawal, though not always. Withdrawal could therefore be through any of the methods of deposit mentioned above. Players usually determine their withdrawal method based on how frequently they withdraw and how fast they want to cash out. The fastest method is eWallets (like PayPal) and credit cards, while the slowest is via checks. An online cashier is used to give instructions to withdraw accumulated winnings. Taxation is handled by the player for the amount they cashout in the jurisdiction they are in.