Mac Online Casinos

Today is has become very easy to find online casinos that offer Mac compatible versions of their software, which was not the case just very recently. The game variety offered by these Mac casinos is not that much different from that of PCs. However, the Mac game quality is decidedly more superior, giving the 15% that uses Mac operating systems to play online casino games an advantage.

Why are There so Few Mac Casinos?

The Mac was one hugely ignored operating system by online casino software developers for years, under claims that it had a negligible market share. Not even the fact that 3% of a mammoth market still constituted a huge portion could dissuade them of this stand. The Windows market was consequentially more favored because it bore over 95% of the entire online gambling industry. Ironically, though, this led to its market having thousands of competitors. Over the years, the Mac users have increased to about 15%. In addition, the Mac market has gradually looked more and more favorable due to the little competition the Mac casinos experience, which has in turn enabled them to give players dedicated service.

Lists the Top Casinos Offering Mac Compatible Casino Games

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Ignition Casino
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Cafe Casino
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Bovada Casino
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Bovada Casino
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Sloto Cash
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Sloto Cash
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My Bookie Casino
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What Real Money Casino Games are played at Mac Casinos?

The number of Mac casinos is continuing to grow as the Apple Macintosh computers become more and more popular. As a result, more casino software developers are providing gaming platforms that are compatible with the operating system. The Mac compatible casino games range from slots to roulette, blackjack, craps, arcade games, and many other games found at online casinos.

The games can be played on the browser via an add installation. They are mostly accessible via the instant play version of the casino software. This means that with a single click on the Instant Play button of an online casino through the Safari browser, you gain access to the full range of games from your Mac. Alternatively, you can download the online casino software and run it on the Mac computer using a Windows emulator.

How Do You Play Online Casino Games on a Mac?

Mac users who want to play online casino games soon realize that not many of these gaming sites are compatible with their operating systems. The reason behind this is that most online casinos are created specifically for Windows, especially the downloadable casinos. The solutions now available for Mac users include a native Mac compatible casino download and an instant play or no download software.

Mac Desktop Client - Most Mac users prefer playing online casino games using the Mac desktop client, as it is dedicated and simple to download and install.

Boot Camp - Boot camp is an internal Mac program that allows a user to run one operating system within another. This means that you can install Windows and have it running within your Mac. It then becomes possible to play online casino games by downloading them onto the Windows "computer". There is a small hitch with this well-designed Boot Camp- every switch between the Windows and Mac requires a reboot. For a player who wants the ability to move from one operating system to another seamlessly, that is a real deal breaker.

Parallels Desktop - With Parallels Desktop, you can run Mac and Windows simultaneously. There is no rebooting when switching between the operating systems and transferring files between the two systems is as easy as if it were one system. This option is your ideal solution when Boot Camp fails to meet your needs.

VW Fusion - This is more or less similar to Parallels, the only difference being that Fusion comes at a lower price, is easier to install, and its integration of Windows programs is tighter.

Internet Browser - With the no download casinos, you only require the right browser such as Safari browser. No download casinos are browser-based versions of online casinos, which are usually independent of any operating system.

What Gives Mac Casinos Their Popularity?

Mac online casinos have the same array of games, bonuses, promotions, offers, and funding options as the more common Windows computers. However, their awesome graphics and slick interface makes them stand out. Another reason for their popularity is that Apple Mac is probably the best operating system there is because of its stability and superior graphics. Mac casinos are run on dedicated servers due to their relatively small number, which means the game play is super fast and the customer service is dedicated.

How Secure or Safe are Mac Online Casinos?

The security of Mac is very high, largely due to the fact that most of its programs come pre-installed therefore minimizing chances of downloading viruses and other malware. This is why virus infections are virtually unheard of. There is also personalized protection offered on different levels. You receive almost personalized attention as the security personnel of Mac casinos are only concerned with a few hundred players while those of the Windows friendly casinos are could be overseeing tens of thousands.

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